Today we had a guest speaker, Dr. Elva Edwards, owner of Edwards Holistic Health Center in Lakewood, Colorado. Have you every met someone that you just do not understand or how they behave? Dr. Edwards spoke to us today about learning how we can understand our thoughts and behaviors, as well how to learn how to treat ourselves with self-compassion. She started off by explaining that 90% of our life template is imprinted in us from conception to the age of 6 years old. This emotional template can affect the actions you take throughout your life.
Dr. Edwards spoke of her own life experience, she was conceived on New Years Eve, a happy joyous time no doubt, however at the age of 19 months old her mother, father and grandmother were killed in a tragic car accident. A very tragic event for any one and it created a dysfunction within their family, as for those left behind, they had to pick up the pieces and create a life for Elva and her sister. Throughout her life Dr. Edwards dealt with loss not with grief but with anger. The family had to move forward and never dealt with the grief, so Elva and her sister never learned how to grieve.
Dr. Edwards started learning about Neuro Energy Technique, NET is based on a combination of the latest scientific research and centuries old techniques used in Eastern healing, to learn how to deal with her grief. When a person is in a weakened state due to stress, poor nutrition or even physical trauma their responses to everyday stress may not seem appropriate. Their reaction to the current stressor may be linked to a past event and they will react in that old response pattern. Most people rarely see the link between past events and their current situation, NET can help identify an unresolved event (real or imagined) and release the lingering charge. Because memory may not correspond with actual or historical reality, NET always considers every “event” to be an “emotional reality”. Finding and resolving these stuck patterns or memory loops is done with the help of manual muscle testing. This will help determine if your body is in harmony with a particular concept or idea that is linked to the unresolved event. From there the person will be asked to form a mental picture of the triggering event allowing the body to assume a state similar to the way it originally reacted. Those working with the patient will then ask to contact a specific body point that will help the body release the unresolved pattern linked to that event. Many patients report the feeling of having a weight lifted off their shoulders.
People’s natural stress response such as fear, grief, anger and many others can sometimes negatively affect them long after the original event that caused the response in the first place. When the body fails to let go of these responses there can be future unexplained aversions or self-sabotaging behaviors. If you are looking for a holistic approach to your health give Dr. Elva Edwards and Edwards Holistic Health Center a call.
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