Our first speaker today was Faye Luther from Farthest Star Cookies in Denver, Colorado. She spoke today about how she got started in the gourmet cookie business, Faye started her professional life in the computer industry at the time it was called computer information systems because they really did know what the value of the computer yet. Faye looked around the room and commented “you are probably wondering what this has to do with cookies…”  Back in the day computer techs were not paid very well, they were the weirdoes in the corner, not necessarily socially acceptable and did not play well with others, the running joke in their department was that they will work for food. We all saw were this was heading now, Faye worked for cookies, also would work for chocolate. After seeing the same cookies over and over again she thought that there was opportunity out there. Is there anyone in this group who doesn’t go to a new restaurant and look at the desert menu first? You look at that in determining whether you are going to have the 8 oz. prime rib or the 16oz. prime rib – because if they offer your favorite desert. Or when going to a potluck you look at the deserts and there are brownies, cupcakes and cookies – the cookies are always the same! Chocolate chip, sugar cookie, peanut butter, snicker doodles and if they want to be different they will have M & M cookies. If you are going through the trouble to make cookies to take to a party or event (unless it is for kids – that’s just different) make the cookies special. Faye saw that there was an opportunity to make cookies that were special. Now keep in mind she is an IT person at heart and IT people tend to be responsible and lazy, they only want to do the job once. So being an IT person, this was the inspiration for her first cookie – Irish Cream Chocolate Chip – her thought was this way she had everything in one place, she can drive and enjoy the flavor of Irish Cream and cocoa. Adults have different things that appeals to them unlike children, so Faye has designed her cookies toward the adult market, and a cookie that you don’t want to share with your kids. Faye brought one of her cookies into taste test today which was the Northface, a lovely soft cookie inspired by the mountain or the drink: the velvet chocolate slowly morphs into a wonderful refreshing peppermint aftertaste. Close your eyes and dream of hot chocolate with DeKuyper’s Peppermint Schnapps by a warm fireplace on a cold rainy day. Faye is also working on a line of sugar free cookie and has been working hard to find the perfect sugar substitute and thinks she has found it – on her website she now has a sugar free tab if you are going sugar free and want to enjoy a cookie fix occasionally. Her next venture will be working on a gluten free line so everyone can know the pleasure of an adult cookie. The Farthest Star Cookies offers two sizes cookie shots which are 2 inches round and roughly 2 ounces each and the mini cookie shots which are 1 inch round and roughly 1 ounce in size. If you need a specialty cookie that will delight the palate and wow the crowd give Faye Luther a call or just go to her website www.farthest-star.com and order a bag!

Faye Luther * Farthest Star Cookies * 720.393.0757 * sales@farthest-star.com * www.farthest-star.com

Our second speaker was Cindi Thordarson from EcoGraphics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Cindi took her time speaking today about several of the projects that they have done recently. The first item she wanted to show us today however, was a piece of mail they received today, a letter from Google on website advertising and ratings. So even in this internet age – one of the major internet providers sends junk mail. On to projects that EcoGraphics Printing has recently worked on – the first being for Dr. Erin Foley – a table top sign for events, this is a process that they do have to farm out to a local wholesale sign maker. It is a four color process that they print onto Coroplast (corrugated plastic) and add the stand to the back. The cost on these signs runs right around 75.00 plus design charges. Cindi added that her old graphic designer last week who set this up for Erin and sent it over – Erin called back and ask if there was any way that it could match her business card, well what had happened was that the graphic designer was aware that Erin had changed her color so Cindi did a quick PMS color change and resent the proof. The next couple items that Cindi showed us were calendars that they did for this year – this first was for the Children’s Hospital Colorado Prescription Pet Program – with pictures of the dogs with patients of the hospital. The second calendar that she had was from a client that on the side does his own artwork; he did a calendar with his paintings as well as his notecards that he sells up in a shop in Golden. The last calendar that Cindi sent around was from Dry Bones, a group that works with the street kids of Denver, the calendar is a simple black and white design that shows that you can be dramatic without using color. The next item she sent around had a little story behind it, this was a piece for Cooking Matters, a program to help feed the kids of low income households. This piece was for a fund raising event and was sent to EcoGraphics via their own graphic designer and last Friday after Scott had delivered the job – they called on Monday and they had noticed they that the most important information was missing. The design was a solid background with white lettering and so when we went to print it the white lettering dropped back to the last layer – or disappeared. So on Monday, Cindi had to figure out exactly what happened and get it reprinted with the information showing and get it to them so they could finish the mailing! The next project was a postcard for The Auto Shop a small local repair shop – he wanted to have a postcard to mail out to his repeat clients that looked really sharp. So Scott took his photo of the shop and straightened it out, added a little color to the sky and corrected the asphalt in the front – making the postcard look wonderful. In fact it looked so wonderful that the owner’s website hosting company wanted the photo to replace the crappy photo that they currently had running on his website. The next item Cindi had with her were hard hat sticker for an local oil drilling company – they had a group of visiting geologist that they needed to be able to identify while tour their facilities here in Colorado, so they design labels that were created with reflective material to allow for easy identification. Cindi also shared Rotary programs and schedules that they do every year. Cindi loves working with the graphic designer from the Rotary – she has been in the business for a long time and understands everything that a printing company needs to produce really nice printed pieces. The last item that Cindi passed around was a program for the Colorado Environmental Film Festival, which happened last weekend. EcoGraphics did many posters, save the date cards and informational pieces for this event. The planner Danette was a lot of fun to work with – although many of the project were last minute and something that the office had to stay on top of. If you need anything from a sign for an event to a program to hand out keep EcoGraphics Printing in mind – they are there to take care of any of your printing needs!
Cindi Thordarson *  EcoGraphics Printing * 303.238.7791 * cindi@ecographicsprinting.com * www.ecographicsprinting.com