Our first speaker today was Kendra King from Mrs. B’s Baskets in Golden, Colorado.  The first item that Kendra showed us is a basket that she created for the Golden Hotel in Golden, CO.  They wanted a basket that was rustic and classy – by creating a wooden box with the hotel name etched on the front giving it a very classic look. Kendra then filled the box with chocolates, coffee and cookies all from local vendors.  The final look is very high end and yet still rustic. Kendra has found that by finding the wood and building the boxes herself she can give a really elegant look at a budget price. Kendra then spoke to the upcoming holiday season and some of the services she can offer to make the season less stressful for us. Speaking about Thanksgiving Kendra can create a basket that can become a centerpiece for that holiday table – perfect for a hostess gift. If you are unable to share the holiday with family, Kendra can design and ship a basket that will let your family know that you are thinking about them.  The Christmas holiday can bring out the child in all of us and Kendra showed us pictures of baskets that she has done in the past – all of them were really cute and festive. She has designs that include snowmen and reindeer and yes, even Santa. Kendra can fill a basket with anything that you want – if you want a Colorado only basket she has many local suppliers that carry everything from salsa to chocolate. You can create a relaxation basket that has bubble bath, lotion and you can include a bottle of wine. If someone in your life just had a baby – give Mrs. B’s Baskets a call and Kendra can create a new baby basket including that special item that you either made or found. Kendra passed a book around with a lot of the different designs she has created in the past and her designs and creativity are really something to see. If you send family or friends one of these baskets they will be wowed! Mrs. B’s Basket does not have a store front to help keep overhead low and because when you call Kendra she is creating a basket just for you and your recipient, therefore she doesn’t need to keep a lot inventory. The cost for a basket from Mrs. B’s Baskets can range for 20.00 to the 100.00’s and don’t worry about being on the lower end with Kendra working her magic even the low cost basket will look like masterpiece! So if you are looking for a gift basket that won’t look like a cookie cutter design give Kendra and Mrs. B’ Baskets a call!

Kendra King * Mrs. B’s Baskets * 303-278-6433 * www.mrsbeesbaskets.com * info@mrsbeesbaskets.com


Our second speaker was Karen Rice with Silpada Designs in Golden, Colorado. Karen had a video display on how each piece of jewelry is made. They start by making the molds out of wax – these are called mold trees and so they can do multiple pieces at once. The molds are cut out by hand and checked for cleaned lines and quality. These molds are then placed in a plaster mix and allowed to harden before the molten silver in poured in by hand. Once the silver is cooled the plaster mold is broken off by hand and the individual pieces are clipped off and thrown into a tumbler to clean off the rough edges. From there they add the hinges or clasps that are needed to finish the piece and they clean and do all the finish cleaning. Also at this point if there are any stones to be placed in the piece they are put in place by hand. From this point the piece goes through quality control and very carefully inspected for any flaws in the silver and stones, making sure the clasp or hinges work properly. Once the piece passes this step it is packed for shipping. Karen explained to us that a large necklace actually takes 16 hours to create from mold to ship, for rings and bracelets it is probably 6 hours to complete. Silpada Designs work with true crafts people to create each new style and each design. The other great part of buying Silpada jewelry is that they offer a lifetime warranty on every piece. If you want to get free jewelry call Karen Rice and have a party. When you throw a party with Silpada Designs the hostess receives credit towards jewelry for every piece purchased at her party!

Karen Rice * Silpada Designs * 303-384-3552 * Karen-rice@comcast.net