The only speaker for today was Amanda Erck owner of Glitter & Grout Custom Home Renovation and Restoration in Denver, Colorado. In 2015 Amanda was looking for her first home with a budget of 203,000.00 and in Denver, Colorado that is not much of a budget. Her friend and realtor, Chala Mohr was helping and not having a lot of luck, until Chala found out that her neighbor was going into foreclosure. She took Amanda over to look at it and they made the offer right there in the living room. Amanda got the house for 198,000.00 and had around 5000.00 to fix it up. The home inspection was an interesting experience – the inspector was not impressed and pointed out many things that needed to be fixed for the home to be livable. This included hundreds of thousands of cockroaches, a mouse infestation and carpets that were still wet from the previous owner’s dogs peeing. So, Amanda found a general contractor based on his nice truck and tattoos – not the best way – he spent her money with great fanfare and got the minimum done from the home inspection report. At the end Amanda was shocked by the actual invoice versus what he quoted and ended up paying way more than she should have. It was a very upsetting experience and it was a turning point for her, she decided to become a general contractor so that no one would ever have what happened to her happen to them. Glitter & Grout now has five employees – a plumber, an electrician, a wood worker and then the labor team, to create your dream house.
Amanda does a consultation when first working with a client, this is a time when she will walk through the project with the home owner and talks through all the possible issues. If the home owner wants heated floor in the bathroom and they have a Federal Pacific Electric panel – this panel is very old and has a problem with breakers exploding – that is an extra cost to upgrade the panel. One of the other things that can add costs to a job is dump fees – depending on the scope of work dump fees can add up quickly. However – Glitter & Grout will try to recycle the vintage stuff or donate items to Habitat for Humanity or Bud’s Warehouse. Amanda donates or recycles 80% of what they tear out of the homes she works on. Amanda was asked what the average kitchen remodel could cost the answer varies from the basic builder grade remodel 9,000.00 to 10,000.00 to mid-grade remodel 35,000.00 to a high-end remodel 160,000.00. It all depends on the finishes you want and if you are re-configuring or re-creating the space.
The other aspect of Glitter & Grout is the flip and fix portion of the business – Amanda truly buys the worst of the worst homes around and transform them back into livable homes while maintaining the integrity of the home. Such as a 1911 home – that they had to replace the entire joist system in the floor, re-create a badly done addition and entirely changed the floor plan, moving the kitchen from the back to the front of the house. So, if you know of a junker house let Amanda know!! A saying that Amanda lives by is “Quality people carry impossible in their lunch box.” – makes a lot of sense when looking at a house that has been neglected for years. If you are looking for a General Contractor that will work with you to create a space you will love give Amanda Erck and Glitter & Grout a call!
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