Our first speaker today was Angela Wilhelmi of NuSkin Galvanic Spa, she started her speech today by using Becky Shirey for a full face demonstration. As Angela worked on Becky’s face she explained how the 2 step treatment works as she demonstrated – the first step is the ageLOC pre-treatment – which is designed to help purify the treatment area by pulling out the excess oil and pollutants. The negative charges in the gel and negative charge in the Galvanic Spa move the purifying ingredients deep into the pores and bind with the impurities to move them out of the pores, allowing them to breathe. The essential ingredients Marigold – soothes and nurtures irritated skin, Vanilla – soothes the skin and sea kelp – delivers nourishing compounds. Angela uses the Galvanic Spa with the pre-treatment compound for 2 minutes and then after wiping that off applies the ageLOC treatment gel which is positively charged and with the positive charge setting on the Galvanic Spa – attracts all the negative charges that the pre-treatment gel bound to, out of the skin. This leaves behind healthier more vibrant skin. Angela, then finished by showing us the treated skin of her Becky’s  face – and you could definitely see a reduction of lines around the eyes and laugh lines. The Galvanic treatments have been available in Europe and exclusive spas in the United States at cost between 90 to 200 dollars per treatment and since it requires multiple treatments a month – it makes it to expensive for many people. The NuSkin Galvanic Spa brings the cost down so we can all experience the Galvanic benefits at home. If you are interested is taking a look at the Nu Skin Galvinic Spa or the opportunities NuSkin offers give Angela Wilhelmi a call.

Angela Wilhelmi * NuSkin Galvanic Spa * 303.875.7440 * angela@creationsbyangela.com

Today our second speaker was Becky Shirey of Farmers Insurance in Golden, Colorado. Becky wanted to discuss today was the Next Generation Homeowners coverage offered by Farmers Insurance. The policy is built in two sections Section 1 is the Property Coverage:

Coverage A is the dwelling

Coverage B is separate structures (10% of Coverage A)

Coverage C is your personal property (75% of Coverage A)

Coverage D is for loss of use (40% of Coverage A)

It also includes an additional +25% Coverage A limits for Extended Replacement Cost and an option for +50% and +10% Coverage A limits for Building Ordinances or Law upgrades required after a covered loss with an option for +25 or 50%.

The Coverage provided with A,B & C is for Modified Open Perils such as – accidental, direct physical loss or damage, less the exclusions when losses and damage are not covered.

The Key Exclusion for Section 1 on Property are water and water damage, wear and tear, contaminations, marring, fungi, earth movement, faulty construction, certain thefts, mysterious disappearances, vandalism or arson if the dwelling is vacant, animals, tree roots and intentional acts. Make sure to read your state’s contract for all applicable exclusions.

Extensions of Coverage for Property on Coverage A (dwelling) are limited water coverage, extended replacement cost, building ordinance or law upgrades and debris removal. Coverage C extension is content replacement costs. Identity Fraud and Lock re-keying can be added on to any section. 

Section 2 is the Liability Coverage Section:

Coverage E is Personal Liability.

Coverage F is Medical Payments to Others.

The Coverage provided in the Liability Section for Coverage E which will pay for the damages that the insured is legally obligated to pay because bodily injury and/or property damage resulting from a covered occurrence. Also pays for the defense of the insured against any lawsuit covered under E. Coverage F pays for reasonable medical expenses for necessary medical services furnished to a person to whom coverage applies for treatment of bodily injury.

The Key Exclusions in the Liability Section include business pursuits; contractual agreements arising out of use of rental property; sale of property; property in the insured’s care, custody and control; intentional acts; transmitting a communicable disease; home care services; use of aircraft, motor vehicles or watercraft; fugus or noxious substances; punitive damages; statutory liability and molestation and criminal acts.

Extensions in the Liability Section include claims expenses; damage to property of others; loss assessment coverage and personal injury (optional). If you need a new insurance agent for your home, car and business, Becky Shirey with the Farmers has the experience and knowledge to find the policy right for you!

Becky Shirey * Farmers Insurance * 720.273.8076 * rshirey@farmersagent.com * www.farmersagent.com/rshirey