Todays’ only speaker was Ginger Kaiser of Willows Floral in Golden Colorado. Ginger has been a florist for 18 years and is celebrating her eighth year in business for herself. She is not the richest florist in the world but she is probably one of the happiest because she is doing what she loves. Ginger has found that her biggest challenge is competing with the large chain florists and grocery stores. She cannot afford to offer things like lilies at Easter, mums in the fall, or poinsettias at Christmas. The reason is that the large chains buy these items in such large quantities that they get better prices. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner she can get beautiful fresh roses but the price will be more than the grocery store. This time of year is the worst time to buy roses because as the demand and price go up the quality really goes down. For your sweetheart you should think outside of the box and get something different for a better price that will be much better quality, longer lasting flowers. Gingers regular clients will order a bouquet in the recipient’s favorite color with 1 or 2 roses in it. Doing this allows them to get a bigger bouquet that will be longer lasting and beautiful. What Ginger can offer her clients is the freshest product available, custom designs – no cookie cutter designs, very decent pricing and excellent customer service. Today Ginger brought in a few house plants to show us. The first one is the Prayer Plant or Maranta Red – this plant is an easy care plant, likes to be on the dry side so do not over water. It needs good light but not direct sunlight. Her second plant was a Jasmine plant – a wonderful, fragrant plant. Don’t let it get totally dry but it also does not like to be soggy. It needs good light and some direct sun, you can move this plant outside during the summer in a shady spot that offers good light. The next plant Ginger showed us was the Shooting Star Hoya – treat this plant like a succulent, do not water until it is completely dry. Really likes very good light and will bloom regularly for several years. The last plant was the Satin Siamese Pothos – Treat this plant like any other philodendron keep in a place where it gets light but it doesn’t need direct sunlight. Water only when the soil is dry to the touch. If you are looking for a local florist that will create a personal bouquet just for you, give Ginger Kaiser at Willows Floral a call!

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