The first of our two speakers today was Ginger Kaiser – owner of Willows Floral in Golden, Colorado. Ginger has been in floral design for 13 years and been in business for herself for the last five years and still growing. Ginger is a full service florist – although she does not have a store front. The advantages of using her is that you get a florist that will hand pick all the flowers for your bouquet or event, ensuring freshness and the best quality for your flowers. Ginger also offers excellent customer service and individualized personal service! The biggest reminder is Order Now for Valentine’s Day – call do not email your orders – because of the time of year Ginger doesn’t have time to keep checking her computer and the phone is with her all day! Since she is growing her business and she is doing everything from taking orders, to purchasing, processing, designing and delivering, her time can be somewhat limited. If you would like flowers for Valentine’s Day, consider requesting a nice bouquet with your recipients favorite flowers and colors, rather than roses, the reason for this Ginger tells us is that roses are twice the cost and the quality is not as good as the rest of the year. When ordering floral designs from Willows Floral you will not get any cookie cutter designs but a design that is personalized to what you like and will work in the space that they will be placed. Ginger also handpicks the biggest blooms and largest green plants she can find. During the spring Ginger will build you a European Garden – this is a mix of green and blooming plants in a basket or pot, suitable to start inside and move to your deck during the summer, the pricing on these starts at 45.00 and depending on what you want to add the price will vary. This is a great time to purchase green plants and bring a little of the outdoors inside. They help clean the air, especially when your house has been closed up during the winter. Plants can also get rid of those daily toxins in our homes that we don’t really think about such as cleaning products, the computer printer, paint, carpeting and caulking. Ginger brought with her several samples of green plants with her to share with us. The first was cyclamen, a flowering green plant – the blooms vary in color from vibrant red to purple and are quite wonderful, they have a 50-50 shot at re-blooming and remember to water these from the bottom, much like african violets. The second plant she shared with us was the hyacinth, this is a bulb plant with a huge bloom on a stalk that is very fragrant when it blooms. The bloom will need to be staked as it grows. Ginger’s next green plant for display were two new type of philodendrons – the neon, which is a bright lime green and the enjoy, which has variegated leaves in a deep forest green and white. The philodendrons are a very easy care plant and will grow in just about any situation. The next plant that Ginger showed us was the purple shamrock another easy care indoor plant that will add a nice deep purple color to any pot in your house. She also brought in several bulb gardens that have a variety of bulbs – including tulips, daffodils and other green plants, with these once the blooms finish you can place the container in a dark area and plant in your garden after Mother’s day for an early start next spring! One of the other services Ginger provides is an in home assessment of your house plants – she can let you know if they are in the right light and getting good water. She will also take plants that look like they need extra care and revive them in her office, and return them with instructions to keep them healthy! So whether shopping for your sweetheart or just to brighten up your personal space give Ginger Kaiser at Willows Floral a call!!

Ginger Kaiser* Willows Floral * 303.989.6446 *


Today’s second speaker was Leailia Bartleson of Mrs. B’s Baskets in Golden, Colorado. Leailia started Mrs. B’s Baskets April 1, 1997 and is one of America’s Top Fifty Gift Basket Companies. Lealia has also won both National and International Awards for her gift baskets design as well as in 2009 getting on the list of the Best of Golden businesses. Leailia also brought in a variety of items for Valentine’s Day such as stuffed animals, heart shaped boxes and angels with hearts to give to your sweetheart! She also shared with us some of the ideas from past baskets that have been created for Valentine’s Day – these include – for the man in your life BBQ tools and a kiss the cook apron, boxer shorts, cologne and massage oil, hockey theme with hockey tickets, beer and favorite snacks along with a framed photo. For the ladies – lingerie, candles, wine and a pearl necklace, stuffed animals with chocolate and a hand written love letter, jump rope with snacks and a note that read “Let’s jump in the car, head to Vegas and tie the knot!” or lovers games and a love song cd. Then for the kids – pencils, bubbles, stickers, notepads and candy in a basket. Leailia has also had requests from business to sent gifts to their clients this time of year with a note stating “We love doing business with you!” Leailia went on to let us know what kind of referrals she needs, which would be business referrals, this is where she makes the most money. The businesses she listed were property managers, senior homes, realtors, mortgage and title companies, with this group she can create baskets for the purchase or sale of a home or for the move-in of a new tenant. Another opportunity for Leailia is those who work in the convention industry – here she can create the perfect gift for the speakers and volunteers as well as a little something for the attendees. One group that you might not think about is those companies that have sale representatives – gifts can be from thank you’s to birthdays as well as a trying to earn your business basket. Larger companies will use Leailia’s services for employee’s birthdays, new babies, weddings, get well and retirement, this is a really good referral for her. One of her client’s actually gave gift baskets to the spouses of their employees that had to be away from home for a week at a work retreat. For Leailia, any business that is or is becoming proactive in the marketplace that want to recognize their clients, employees and vendors. Let’s not forget the other side of Leailia’s company – Mrs. B’s Concierge Service, client referrals for this side include anyone who needs a temporary employee for filing , errands, data entry, proofreading documents or simple correspondence. The other opportunity for Leailia – is the person who just needs a hand with shopping, picking up dry cleaning, getting things organized in a home office or dealing with those little day to day tasks that you just can not find time to take care of yourself. If you need the perfect gift basket or someone to handle small tasks that you just can’t get to give Leailia a call and let her take care of you!

Leailia Bartleson * Mrs. B’s Baskets and Concierge * 303.278.6433 * *