Today’s first speaker was Ginger Kaiser, of Willows Floral in Golden, Colorado. Ginger has been a florist for 13 years and owned her own business for 4 years now. She started her own shop because she was tired of the cookie cutter florist shops and working for herself allows her to be as creative with her arrangements as she wants, it also allows her to with her client’s desire and budget. Ginger brought with her today a few of the seasonal flowers for us to look at. The first one was the Flowering Eucalyptus – which has a peach colored fuzzy flower, a very unique look. Secondly was the Chinese Lantern – the flower is an orange lantern shaped flower, quite stunning. Lastly, Ginger should us the Pumpkin Tree – which are actually mini pumpkins on a dark brown stalk, these are very unique and would be great for decorating during Halloween! Ginger also brought with her today a sample of an Omponeau or towered flower pots with seasonal flowers in each level – this is a very unusual way to display flowers. Ginger will also work with your vase or container to create either a live, silk or dried flower arrangement for your home or office. She wanted to take a little time to discuss with us our perennials, this Indian summer we are having is a perfect time to plant perennials, the warm afternoon sun will allow your flowers to settle in and really take off in the spring. Many perennials are now available at the local nurseries such as the Japanese anemone, mums and asters, these will add a splash of color in the late fall. One other thing to keep in mind are the ornamental grasses – they really are at their peak right now and need to planted as soon as possible to make sure that their roots have a chance to take hold prior to the really cold weather. Lastly, Ginger wanted to remind us that now is the time to order your wreaths and swags for Christmas – she will ordering these with in the next couple weeks.

Ginger Kaiser * Willows Floral * 303.989.6446 *


Our second speaker was Leailia Bartleson of Mrs. B’s Baskets and Concierge Service, doing business in Golden, Colorado for 14 years. Leailia spoke to us about the upcoming holiday season – starting with Boss’s Day on October 16th(which is a Saturday…) – ideas for your boss are the Manly Man Sausage and Nut Tote, the Spa Day Caddy or a number of Golf themed baskets and totes. The next would be, Halloween, these gift can be anything from cookies to candy and stuffed creatures. These can be small and affordable or large and weight gaining but still bringing a smile to the face of any recipient. It is not to early to be thinking about Thanksgiving and the opportunity to thank your customers for their loyalty to your company, say it early and you will stand out from the others! Leailia brought in a couple of Thanksgiving baskets to show us, the first was a Cornucopia filled with meats and cheeses, filled with orange and brown leaves for splash. The next item was a basket shaped like a canoe with a variety of seasonal foods including Pumpkin Cobbler mix (which Leailia told us was way to easy to make!) mixed with leaves – it looked like a centerpiece! Leailia with Mrs. B’s Baskets went on to tell us about a few of the other ideas how she can help you with the upcoming Christmas season. She has a client who buys items all year long for her adult children and brings the items to Leailia for “wrapping”, she creates fabulous baskets out of items that don’t naturally work together. Leailia can also take a single small item, like a Christmas ornament and make it the most special package under the tree. A few other ideas that Leailia shared with us – say you’re are buying a sheet set for a wedding present – that is a tad boring – well take it to Mrs. B’s Baskets and she could add in some massage oils and candles to turn it into a romantic gift. Another wedding idea, a picnic basket filled withthe bride and grooms favorite food, bottled water and a bottle of their favorite wine for them after the wedding. With Mrs. B’s Baskets you can go with the standard basket or go custom for anything from sympathy to a baby shower – wedding to just a bad day! Gift baskets are not just gift baskets anymore!! Give Leailia a call and see what she can do for your special event!

Leailia Bartleson * Mrs. B’s Baskets and Concierge Service * 303.278.6433 *