Today’s first speaker was Ginger Kaiser of Willows Floral in Golden, Colorado. Ginger has been in the floral industry for 14 years and still loves what she does. She remembers being told once by an instructor in school – you better love working with flowers because this will never make you rich! Flowers can be appropriate for any occasion – from the person who has everything to someone who doesn’t have much or a friend that has never received flowers before or someone that just needs a little pampering. Sometimes people need something that is not practical just pretty! Although Ginger can work with silk flowers, fresh flowers are her favorite. While she can’t compete price wise with the grocery store or larger chain stores her pricing is very comparable to local flower stores. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a very attractive bouquet for 35.00, which is Ginger’s minimum. A good florist will be able to make inexpensive flowers look wonderful and although the arrangement may not big when spending the minimum you as a consumer should expect a beautiful, unique and long lasting bouquet. Ginger buys her flowers locally and they are never been out of water, they go straight from the grower to Ginger’s workshop to your bouquet. Ginger is also able to hand pick each flower making sure that she gets the nicest, freshest and largest blooms, and will pick locally grown flowers as often as possible. When working with Ginger she will ask you about the recipient, what are their likes and dislikes, do they have a color that is their favorite or a specific style preference to ensure that they get the most enjoyment out of the flowers. When picking a flower for your bouquet try to pick flowers that are in season – and Ginger will let you know what is in season – although Ginger can get flowers that are out of season the price on these go up and the quality is not the same as it would be when in season. Last week Ginger had brought in patio pots for display – Ginger loves these pots – they are a fresh splash of color that you can move around as the sun and shade change in your yard. If you are having a party or just have a spot that needs something – a patio pot can fill that need. Ginger buys her patio pots locally, they are not force fed and they will last all summer. The grower that she gets them from includes care tags and a list of all plants in the pot with their care needs. So they are easy care and by following the water and sun needs they should last throughout the summer and into the fall. Today Ginger brought in a few European Gardens which are a different choice when sending flowers – these include living flowers and green plants in their own pots grouped in a basket or pot so they can easily be separated and planted per their instructions, inside or out. Most clients keep them inside grouped together for about a week and then separate them and plant where they want. The examples that Ginger brought in where very simple but attractive with mini roses, juncas, spireless and a shooting star plant. They all would be perfect for an inexpensive pick me up for a friend or thank you for a client! Please remember to send flowers for any occasion not just the major holidays. Sending flowers is a simple, inexpensive and nice gesture to let someone know that they are being thought about. Ginger can work with you on creating the perfect floral arrangement whether it is a small bouquet or a lavish wedding, give her a call!!

Ginger Kaiser * Willows Floral * 303.989-6446 *

Our second speaker today was Leailia Bartleson of Mrs. Bee’s Baskets and Concierge Service in Golden, Colorado. Today Leailia wanted to talk to us about one of her outside vendors that she has worked with for many years a company called Picnic Time. They create picnic baskets for all occasions and they don’t just do simple picnic baskets anymore. She passed around their latest catalog and discussed many of the items that she thought looked like fun. They offer a wide variety of regular picnic baskets in all shapes and sizes, including a few designed specifically for wedding presents. Picnic Time also offers cutting boards in a wide variety of shapes including but not limited to a guitar, a putting green or a fish. A few of the newer items that are available are bar accessories such as Martini and Manhattan accessories – much like the wine accessory kits that include glasses, bottle opener and stopper. The Martini Accessories include a steel shaker, shot glass, strainer and stir sticks in a back pack or as a corporate gift in a gift box. The Manhattan Accessories kit, which includes the glasses, shot glass and all the items necessary for the perfect Manhattan. They also have a wide variety of tailgating gear such as coolers for any outdoor activity – some have wheels and others that come with a trolley to haul the cooler and other gear. They carry about 50 grills, some are very unique – like the X grill that folds flat for easy storage or the Caliente which is a cooler on one side and grill on the other – you can choose from gas or charcoal and find the grill perfect for your needs. Another item that they carry in a big way is the perfect totes for gift giving – offerings in this category go from tools kits to car care kit to car emergency kits to golf kits. These are perfect, for example, for those who have kids going off to college or the golfer who has everything! Keep these ideas in mind when thinking about that gift giving this graduation and wedding season. Leailia Bartleson at Mrs. Bee’s Basket can find the perfect gift for you!

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