Wednesday’s first speaker was Lori Bush-Engel with Modern Woodmen of America in Golden, Colorado. At Modern Woodmen of America, we take pride in our strong values and unique culture that puts people first.  My passion is helping businesses, individuals, and families in our Colorado communities.  I use my knowledge of financial products and needs to help my members plan for a secure financial future. Working together, I can help you develop a personal financial strategy unique to your needs and goals.
As an entrepreneur myself, I know private business owners play many roles – both at home and on the job. I’m happy to help make some of those roles a little easier. Through Modern Woodmen’s wide variety of financial products, I offer advice to owners on everything from business and family protection to employee benefits and retirement plans.
Life Insurance Retirement Planning Financial Services *Securities offered through MWA Financial Services Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Modern Woodmen of America. Member: FINRA, SIPC. Products are available in most states. Individual representatives may not be licensed to sell all products.

Lori Bush-Engel * Modern Woodmen of America * 303-880-4084/303-862-9616  * *

Our second speaker today was Ginger Kaiser of Willows Floral in Golden, Colorado. Ginger always like to talk about indoor plants in February – this is a good time to replenish old scraggly plants and bring in something new and healthy. Indoor plants help remove indoor pollutants in your home and it feels good to have something green or blooming when all the outdoor plants are brown and dormant.
While reading Womens’ magazine Ginger came across an article about three trends from the past that are becoming popular again. These three trends are macramé (oh no), dried flower arrangements (not as good as fresh or silk – they attract dust and as they dry further they shed) and green indoor plants. Ginger goes onto say the green plants have never really been out of style, however they are not shown often in decorating magazines. Also in Ginger’s experience the warehouses selling indoor plants have been thriving.
Your home does not have to be a jungle, but by adding just a couple plants, like a large floor plant in a corner can soften the edges and make your home feel more inviting. Ginger brought in a wide variety of house plants today for sale that she picked up at her wholesaler. All the plants that Ginger brought are easy care, hardy and not susceptible to insects or fungus like some varieties.
Ginger has couple of tips for us in introducing a new plant to your home and the first is – when bringing a new plant into your home always read the care instructions and follow them. Secondly do not repot a new plant immediately, they need time to adjust to your homes temperature, humidity and light. Give a plant a month before repotting and if the plant is a blooming plant wait until all the blooms have fallen off prior to repotting. Gingers last comment about house plants is the biggest reason that plants die is over watering – this goes back to following the instructions that you got with your plant. When watering your indoor plants use room temperature water, not cold as this will shock the roots, it is best to fill your water jug and let it set out for at least 4 hours prior to watering.

If you need to freshen up the plants in your home or are looking for that perfect bouquet give Ginger Kaiser at Willows Floral a call – she will work with you to find the best flower or plant for your home.

Ginger Kaiser * Willows Floral * 303-989-6446