Our first speaker today was a guest speaker from Thrivent Financial, Chris Holgarth, who has been in financial planning for 14 years. He started his talk today speaking how the recession, we are all feeling, started. After 9-11, we were all told to go shopping to stimulate the economy. Then came in the mortgage back securities and the start of the foreclosures. When the banks started to suffer the first foreclosures – the level of failures lead to the trouble in the banking industry. Our government brought in the stimulus package to stabilize the economy, which to some extent it has. Existing housing sales are up from the lows of last year but we are down 42% from the highs of 3-5 years ago. The recent upsurge in existing home sales are due to lower pricing and the first time buyer program. Keep in mind, that although home prices have stabilized here and are rebounding slowly – the median house price in Detroit is 38,000 dollars. Also, Chris spoke about how the unemployment rate is a lagging indicator in a recession, most employers have cut their staff to survive and will not hire new employees until it is absolutely necessary. Some of the larger employers will still be cutting back just to keep the books in balance. Other areas to watch are the energy markets, gas, natural gas, electricity and new green alternative energy sources and emerging markets overseas, all of which are on the rise right now. The market is actually looking up on the 5 year speculation, so it is moving back up slowly. Is the Fiscal Stimulus working – well the credit markets are starting to lend again and housing is starting to stabilize-although consumer confidence is still down. If you are planning retirement look at rebalancing your portfolio to get a better balance with the current market – Thrivent Financial is there to help you work out were you need to be and how you may need to work the market until your retirement to get the best return on your investments.

Stacee Jacobs  * Thrivent Financial for Lutherans * www.thrivent.com * 303.962.6265

Today’s second speaker was Laura Kilty of Shaklee, she spoke about our immune system.  Our immune systems are not only designed to fight colds and flu but also cancer and other auto immune diseases that affect our general population. Laura talked about several of the Shaklee products that help support our natural immune system. The Defend and Resist Complex – contains echinacea, black elderberry, larch tree and zinc – that helps super charge your immune system at the first sign of a cold or flu. Just take 6 tablets throughout the day for 7 days and it helps your body stop replicating the virus thus stopping it, in it’s track. Not meant to be taken long-term but just when you need the extra boost. Her second item was Shaklee Garlic Complex, garlic is a natural antibiotic and helps also with lowering your cholesterol & triglycerides, raises the good HDL, helps fight bacterial and fungal infections, ance and can help lower blood glucose levels. Taking 2 Shaklee’s Garlic Complex tablets is the equivalent to eating a clove of fresh garlic – but in dissolves lower in the intestines – so you don’t get the garlic smell. Her third immune defense supplement is vitamin C – humans are the only mammal that doesn’t produce  on its own – we need to get it from the foods we eat or supplements. vitamin C is a natural antihistamine and helps boost your good cholesterol, some of the other good things it does for your body is it helps reduce bruising, reduces your risk of cataracts and can be helpful with arthritis symptoms. Some of the other items to help with your immune system this cold and flu season are Shaklee’s NutriFeron a complete herbal wellness program for your body and OptiFlora – which is a probiotic to keep your digestive tract in order as this is your first line of defense with 70% of our immune cells residing in our colon. So for your immune health keep Shaklee in mind for all your immune needs.

Laura Kilty * Shaklee * kiltyco@aol.com * 303.420.3359