Our speaker today was Gina Varra from Varra Financial Consultants out of Louisville, Colorado.  Gina can help people with their retirement planning, investing, 401k, money saving plans, ect…

Today she focused on Generational Marketing and how the different generations feel and think about money, work and saving.  She explained that knowing and understanding generational marketing is important for the success of any business.  It will help any business  improve communication, service and sales skills among different aged clients.

According to Marilyn Moats Kennedy, Career Strategies these are the different generations, the years they were born, the percent of the population they make up and some of their distinguishing attributes:

Pre-Boomers        1935 – 1945          13%

loyal to employer, traditional work ethic, driven by reponsibility, value working with others

Boomers               1946 – 1959          38%

Strive for recognition, status conscious, big consumers, care what others think, competitive

Cuspers                1960 – 1968          11%

value job satisfaction, enjoy time with family, self-employed, spend in moderation, seek to balance savings

Busters                 1969 – 1978           20%

save money, don’t care what others think, work to live-not other way around, more conservative

Netsters               1979 – 1988           15%

web oriented, enjoy friends and family, prefer to work alone, work hard only for satisfaction

Gina Varra

Varra Financial Consultants


Louisville, Colorado