Our only speaker today was Crystal Baxley, owner of Skincare by Crystal in Arvada, Colorado. Crystal has been an esthetician for thirteen years, her first six years she practiced in a hair salon in a converted bathroom as her treatment space. She knew she needed a better space to practice, while looking she found that Barbara Salage (our massage therapist) had a space she could move into and jumped at the chance. The traditional training in esthetics is the chemical method, burn or laser the skin off and what grows back should be better. Four years ago, Crystal started looking into holistic esthetics and found a better way to treat the skin. Holistic Esthetics are rooted in holistic medicine which believe that all parts of the body are interconnected. To understand separate parts and their functions, such as the skin, you must understand the whole body. The skin is a map and in following the map you can find out the best needs for a certain condition, whether that be vitamin C serum or B-6 added to the client’s diet. There are many conditions that can be helped by working with an esthetician.
Crystal has also introduced body sculpting to her practice – she had looked into cool sculpting and a few of the other programs out there and found that they don’t last long term because fat is part of our immune system. So, with many of the other programs the fat returns because the body is not detoxed. The machine that Crystal brought in is a holistic approach using osmosis to detox the body and then using nano, pico and micro currents to reduce the size of the fat cells by eliminating the toxins and strengthening the muscles. The program is 10 sessions to reduce the size of the fat cells and then after that it is recommended to have once or twice a month “touch up” sessions. Crystal is a walking testimonial to the program as she uses it herself and finally got rid of the extra pounds she gained during her pregnancy.
If you are looking for a new esthetician for your skin – give Crystal Baxley a call.
Crystal Baxely * Skincare by Crystal * 303.668.8026