Our only speaker was Cindi Thordarson from EcoGraphics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Cindi started her talk today speaking about a client that walked in right as she was leaving to join us here. The client has been working on the project that is very close to her heart for two years and has finally decided to bring it to fruition. She was very nervous and Cindi thought that she needed to make her feel more at ease. They discussed what the process was going to take and go over the files she brought with her. The client was referred to EcoGraphics Printing by a current client, a former client and a former employee, quite a recommendation. After talking with her for about fifteen minutes and copying her files so they could output a copy for her to go through and revise (yet again) before we get into the final project. This is just a reminder that no matter how complex the project Cindi and Scott will take the time to work through every issue that can come up. Also – that no matter who you refer to EcoGraphics Printing they will get personal care and guidance to make the printing project come out perfect.
Then Cindi talked about envelopes – she had just run a job of specialty envelopes with the window on the right-hand side, as normal when starting a job, she uses extras left over from other jobs. This a quick story about humidity and paper – as Cindi started printing the envelopes that had been in the office for a couple weeks sitting in a room that is cooled by a swamp cooler and they were wrinkling in the bottom right-hand corner. After about 45 minutes of changing a bunch of settings on the press she decided to work with the envelopes that where ordered for the job just the day before and voila no wrinkles! She has told us about this before – how different environments can affect the way paper feed on the press. Not just in shop variables but things such as fires close to where the trees are cut down can affect the way a sheet will feed, because of the heat in that instance, changes how the fibers of the tree are woven together. Cindi has always find a way to work around such problems – but in the case of the humidified envelopes she will just have to wait until the swamp cooler is off for the season. Last year, EcoGraphics Printing added a full color envelope press to do short run vibrant full color envelopes. This has removed some of the environmental issue as the way the envelopes feed is different from a standard press, but not all. There are certain conditions that still affect how paper feeds – although the new press has helped, it is for runs up to 2500 and for runs over that they still have to use the standard printing equipment.
If you are looking for a local printing company that will work with you to improve your corporate image or improve your current look give EcoGraphics Printing and Cindi Thordarson a call!
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