Our first speaker was Joan Brown of JB Decorating – she went over her plans and pictures of a bathroom remodel that was recently completed . She started her talk by going over the architectural plans showing us both the original floor plan and the new floor plan along with the elevations of the space. The demolition included removing lathe and plaster walls – this required a lot of extra labor in the repair and matching the new to the old. She then introduced a series of pictures taken by A & A Photography for a article in the newspaper home section. The work on the bathroom was stunning and the original design was based on an Italian vessel sink that the home owner bought. The main over runs on this project were the age of the house and the problems they found after demolition started such as a cement pad that wasn’t designed to hold a jetted bath tub and mold that was found in the lathe and plaster around the ceiling. We all decided that we hate our current bathrooms.

Our second speaker today was Edna Miklos, owner of The Hair Place in Golden. She started her talk by mentioning that this was her 23rd year as the owner of her business and that after 30 years in the her business she wanted to discuss the matters of styling hair. You have to be able to recreate the style that you get in the salon at home. Your stylist should discuss with you the following five points:

1. The type of hair you have – coarse, fine, thick or curly

2. Condition of your hair – is your hair permed, colored or treated in any way this will be a major determination of your style.

3. Hair maintenance – do you blow dry, curl or are you a wash and wear type of person.

4. Type of products you use – for short hair – gel or pomade or for long hair – mousse for holding it in place or hair spray for a light hold

5. Consider the damage done to your hair by the the maintenance and products used in your daily hair care routine. Curling irons can burn the cuticle of your hair and weaken it, blow dryers can cause split ends and dryness. Flat irons which are the rage right now because of the look of long straight hair – creates a lot of damage.

To repair damage you need use a real leave in conditioner or have your hair stylist use a hair re-constructor that is an extreme conditioner that is available only in a salon.