Our only speaker today was one of our new members Cindy Dudden of Gracie & Dudden, PC in Arvada, Colorado. Cindy started her talk today with a little bit about where she is from, being raised an Air Force brat, she was born in Germany and they moved around a lot during her childhood. Cindy learned to make friends quickly and is in awe of those that have friends from first grade that they have gone through school together. They moved to Greeley when Cindy was entering college and the entire family is all still in Colorado. Cindy’s husband is a Golden Native and this September they will be celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary. Together they have two children and two dogs a typical household. Cindy loves living and working in Arvada as when she first entered the workforce she was commuting from Greeley to Thornton! Cindy is very involved in the community with the Ladies Auxiliary, the Knights of Columbus and other community organizations. Cindy and her business partner Jim Gracie started Gracie & Dudden in 1995 – Jim was actually her supervisor at a previous company. Gracie & Dudden is a full service CPA firm, specializing in individuals, small businesses and not for profit entities. Jim is a graduate of UNC in 1976 and Cindy is a graduate of WSC in 1988 giving them a combined 62 years of experience. This gives them the technical knowledge, personal service and the ability to customize a plan and strategy for any specific situation. Cindy feels that they have created an environment that is dedicated to integrity and excellence. Cindy and Jim work very hard to create personal service with effective communication for each and every one of their clients. They have one full time CPA and a full time para-professional admin on staff. They are located in the Creekside Business Park at 52nd and Ward Road with 5 conference rooms and a classroom the will seat thirty for those larger groups. The CPA in their office goes through rigorous training each year to maintain their standard of excellence, 150 hours of training in auditing, attestation, business environment, financial accounting and reporting, and regulation. On top of that they do 80 hours every two years with 4 of those hours in ethics, other classes include code of conduct, the general standards of accounting principles and client relations. With all that training it is easy to see how they at Gracie & Dudden can maintain such a high level of personal and professional service for their clients. Cindy told us that at their office they look at your financial situation much like a doctor looks at a patient – they don’t just treat the symptom they work hard to diagnose the problem, if you don’t treat it this way they figure that you will only get more problems. Many accountants treat the symptoms, not the problem therefore down the line you may end up spending time and money getting with back to the problem. If you are looking for a CPA to help with your small business, non-profit or just your home give Cindy Dudden at Gracie & Dudden PC and she will walk you through the tax situation you are in!

Cindy Dudden * Gracie & Dudden, PC Certified Public Accountants * 303-736-6600 x302 * cdudden@g-dcpas.com