Our first speaker today was Ruthie Williams of Mary Kay Cosmetics in Golden, Colorado. Ruthie used her time today to introduce the new Mary Kay Cream Blush and Mary Kay Cream Eye Colors. Ruthie brought in samples of each new color for us to look at while she discussed the benefits of the new products. The first product Ruthie introduced us to was the new Mary Kay Cream Blushes – the two new colors are Sheer Bliss – a very natural light pink color and Cranberry – a more intense burgundy color. These new creams go on like a cream and then dry to a light powder for a satiny feel, they can also be applied either in a single application or you can layer the cream for a more intense color. The application is simple – you can apply with fingers, a sponge or a concealer brush – each will leave you with a beautiful fresh appearance. Besides being easy to apply these cream blushes are also infused with white lily bulb and peach extracts that provide Vitamin C and antioxidants to protect your skin from free radicals in your environment. The Mary Kay Cream Blush cost 13.00 each color. The next new item Ruthie introduced to us were the Mary Kay Eye Creams, the colors available now are Apricot Twist – a orangey bronze, Pale Blush – a light metallic pink, Glacier Gray – a silvery sheen, Beach Blonde – a metallic beige and Iced Cocoa – a coppery bronze. These colors can be worn alone or as a primer for the Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colors, and are waterproof and won’t crease. They are long lasting – for up to 10 hours as well as bring light weight and easy to use. The Mary Kay Cream Eye Colors can be applied in the same way as the Mary Kay Cheek Colors with your finger and concealer brush and cost 13.00 each. These creams are wonderful, earth tones with a shimmery look!  Ruthie, then, took time to talk about the Mary Kay Concealer Brush and how to use with the application of the blush and eye creams, explaining that when used with the creams you will need to clean it at least once a week in warm water. She also discussed when using to apply Mary Kay Concealer remember, that with concealer less is more and it can be very unforgiving. Just dab a small dot in the area that you want to hide an imperfection and then dab the area with the concealer brush until you get the desired effect. The last new product that Ruthie introduced us to is the new Mary Kay Limited Edition Liquid Illuminator, this is sheer, creamy pearlescent formula that contains multi-reflecting powders that create light and luminous skin at any age. This comes in two shades – Shade 1 is for ivory or beige skin tones and Shade 2 is for dark beige or bronze skin tones. You can use it alone or mix it with your foundation or moisturizer for an all over glow! The cost for the Liquid Illuminator is 20.00 for 1 oz.. Call Ruthie for a custom designed skin care consultation and she can help you create the kind of skin you want! 

Ruthie Williams* Mary Kay Cosmetics * 303.278.3520 * RuthieWilliams@MaryKay.com 

Juli Parrott of Table Mountain Travel in Lakewood, Colorado was today’s second speaker. Juli spoke to us today about Vacation Deprivation! According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, we in America, put in more working hours during a year than Britain, France, Sweden and Germany. Americans as well are offered less parental leave and the least number of paid vacation days a year, in some areas as low as 10 paid days, as opposed to our European counterparts who enjoy at least four weeks a year. Although it is no secret that Americans are a nation of workaholics, statistics show that 28 percent of workers spend more than 40 hours a week at work and 8 percent work more than 60 hours. With this in mind – the average paid vacation in America is 14 days – in Britain they have a minimum of 24 days and in Germany, it is a minimum of 27 days and in France, with an average work week of 35 hours – they receive a whooping 39 days vacation. The United States stands alone with the worst vacationing habits – leaving at least one vacation day on the table in 2009, 4 days in 2006 and 3 days in 2005. Our over dedication to our jobs does not only include the time we leave on the table but when we are on vacation, we have a tendency to check our email and call in at least once while we are supposed to be relaxing. In almost all surveys – American workers complain of feeling overworked, stressed and anxious about their lives. Clearly many Americans have a bad case of Vacation Deprivation! Without getting into to much detail, Juli went on to point out that too much work and not enough down time, creates high levels of stress which negatively effects our lives. Beyond that there are medical studies that show a disturbing correlation between being overworked and stress related diseases. Juli brought us to the point that taking vacations – real vacations – is an important part of a healthy well balanced life! As a professional travel consultant Juli is here to help you make the best use of your down time. A few ideas that Juli shared with us: Mini-breaks – Mini Price: 3 or 4 night offers made by major cities, some tour operators offer airline tickets, hotel and tickets to a show at a discounted price as well as cruise companies are offering 3 day cruise packages. Add-Ons: Try adding a day or two to a business trip to take in the sights, if possible bring in your family. No Phone, No TV:Consider visiting a “wireless” resort that features an electronics-free which includes no in room phone, no tv, and no internet connection. Juli can assist in finding the right resort for your needs, whether you want to leave everything behind or a resort where you can check in with the office once a week from a business center. Leave It Behind: Leave your laptop, business cell phone, and PDA at home – this will lessen the temptation to check in every day. Put a game plan in to effect before you leave as to which projects take priority while you are gone and who will be in charge of these and other jobs in your absence. Stick to a Work Schedule: For some of you getting completely away from your cell phone and laptop is impossible and may even ruin your vacation with the worry about what will be waiting when you return. In that situation Juli recommends sticking to a schedule – not more than 1 hour a day to check in with the office and putting out the fires and issues that have come up. But you need to establish your boundaries with the workers in your office. Pay Attention to Your Stress Level:This is the most important thing – if you are feeling unusually fatigued, tense, irritable or are experiencing neck and back pain or headaches – it might be time to take a break and recharge your batteries! Listen to your body, it is the best signal that you need time off. Juli stresses that yes – work can be stressful but in order to live healthy life, we all need to take regular breaks. The key is to understand yourself and the demands on your time, prioritize accordingly, make realistic plans and STICK to them! If you need to de-stress and take time off – whether that be a long weekend or a round the world cruise, Juli at Table Mountain Travel can help you sort out all of the details!!

Juli Parrott * Table Mountain Travel * 303.277.1580 * juli@tablemountaintravel.com