Our first speaker today Was Ruthie Williams, our Mary Kay Cosmetics and Stampin’ Up! Representative from Golden, Colorado. She realized that after being in this group for eleven years that she had never share much of her life with us and wanted to let us know about her life. Ruthie was born in Iowa and lived on a farm until she was 4 ½ when her parents got a divorce. After the divorce, she moved with her mother to Des Moines and they lived there until Ruthie was 10. Her father and brother moved to California.
In 1961 her mother brought her to Colorado where her mother remarried.  She and her step-dad owned a grocery store that was at Simms and Colfax called Lakewood Superette. Ruthie spent many days working there.
They lived in Lakewood for 2 years and before moving to Golden, where Ruthie attended and graduated from Golden High School. Ruthie passed around some wonderful old pictures that showed her growing up on the farm when she was little.
Her mother was not particularly loving and was always putting Ruthie down. She never complimented Ruthie, so she spent a greater part of her life trying to earn her approval.  In junior high Ruthie found her love of singing and tried out for the choir and got a major solo for one concert. This was a great honor for her.  The night of the concert came and her mother and my step-father were in attendance.  Ruthie’s performance was great and her music teacher was thrilled. However, her mother didn’t say a word. That really hurt Ruthie’s heart.  But she guesses that she turned out okay anyway.
In high school Ruthie was accepted into a singing group called The Singing Generation.  The group performed all around the city and were even on Channel 6!
Ruthie got married right out of high school to her first husband as soon as he returned from Viet Nam, Oct. 1969.  They had started dating the summer between her Sophomore and Junior year.  During their marriage they had 2 children.  Her daughter, Sandi was born June 1971 and her son was born Nov. 1973.  They were married for 14 years and one day he just didn’t come home. Ruthie hadn’t known that he had a girlfriend. The divorce was final in Sept. 1983.  Then he and his girlfriend were married one week, just 7 days after their divorce.
Ruthie stayed single for 10 years. She went back to college after her divorce and got an Associates Degree in Public Administration and graduated with honors. After graduating Ruthie got a job working for the Jefferson County Building Department in the Evergreen office and stayed there for 10 years.  She then went to work at St. Andrew Lutheran as office manager and then Holy Cross Lutheran Church (right across the street from here) for 5 years.  She resigned and worked hard and achieved a Mary Kay Director and was car qualified.  This is when Ruthie joined Connect, she started as our Stampin’ Up! representative and when Cynthia Haskins, then the Mary Kay representative resigned Ruthie became our Mary Kay representative for her primary business and kept the Stampin’ Up! for her secondary business.
Ruthie’s second husband Rick has 3 girls and together they have 5 children, 12 grandchildren (6 boys, 6 girls) and 4 great grandchildren.
Ruthie explained that she was healthy when she joined Connect.  Then she got vertigo, really really badly.  It was downhill from there for several years.  After going to numerous specialists, testing, etc., Ruthie was diagnosed with Addison’s disease.  She passed around some information sheets about Addison’s. It is so very rare and many people do not know what it is or how serious it is…it can be fatal.  This is important information for us to know, if she was ever to collapse or anything.  It has been a long hard road but Ruthie feels like she is improving!  Getting things diagnosed was the hard part! Ruthie gave us a list of issues and diagnosis’s that she has had over the last five years it has been a difficult road for her, it is amazing that she remains positive and keeps up with her two businesses.
The hardest things for her to manage are Addison’s Disease and Colitis. Ruthie can’t take ANY anti-inflammatories due to the Colitis (uncontrollable diarrhea, now in remission) Then just 2 months ago she was diagnosed with Diabetes.  Once a person has auto immune disease, it just keeps attacking healthy organs.
If you are in need of a Mary Kay or Stampin’ Up! representative that has persevered through the years and stays positive and cheerful give Ruthie Williams a call.
Ruthie Williams * Mary Kay & Stampin’ Up! * 303.278.3520 * ruthiemarykay@gmail.com  * www.marykay.com/ruthiewilliams

Today’s second speaker Susan Mayfield, owner of Reduce the Chaos in Golden, Colorado. Susan is our newest member and her business is working for companies as a virtual assistant. This being her first talk Susan spoke about her history and how she came to owning her business. Susan grew up in the Central Valley of California on a small peach and almond ranch. She remembers watching the movies in black in white from the 1940’s and 50’s. It was fun for her to watch the stars like Doris Day and Katherine Hepburn and the other women have interesting careers and adventures.
She was fascinated by the women who played secretaries in the movies, taking dictation and typing up letters and from a young age, wanted to be a secretary and work in an office when she grew up. In high school Susan took every business course our small school offered to be a secretary.
When Susan graduated she moved from their small farming community, near Modesto in the Central Valley of California, to the fast-paced city of San Jose and attended a Christian College. To say it wasn’t major accomplishment to convince her very old-fashioned father to let her go to college and it was also a big change for Susan.
Over the years, between getting married and having two children, she worked in offices in positions starting at office clerk and moving up to being an office manager. Susan worked in a variety of businesses over the years and decided, in 2005, that she wanted to try something different. One of the reasons was her issues with scents and allergies to most perfumes and colognes.
One of Susan’s interests was organizing and she decided to start my business “Reduce the Chaos” for organizing. She was good at it, but Susan realized the physical demands, along with her allergies, age and height challenges made it the wrong business for her.
At about the same time working online from home became more popular and social media for business was ramping up. Susan then changed the focus of “Reduce the Chaos” to Virtual Office Assisting and Social Media and started taking on clients who were local. Most of them she met through networking and they hired her for various administrative tasks and their social media management.
Virtual Assistants can handle a variety of tasks for their clients, but it’s impossible for one person to be an expert at everything, so most have specialties and some have teams of people. Susan works with a couple of other Virtual Assistants who have their own businesses. She is contracted under them to perform some tasks for their clients as well as having her own business and clients that I serve.

Some of Susan’s specialties include:
·         Set up of Sign up for Free Downloads, eBooks and checklists
·         Adding blog posts or content to a website, adding blog posts as articles to LinkedIn   (she doesn’t create websites or manage them, only add signup forms, content to blogs or pages)
·         Usually with client created content, Susan will draft, set up and schedule: Email marketing letters, newsletters and auto response sequences using Aweber, Mailchimp, Get Response and a variety of other programs.
·         Handle contact updates for the email programs.
·         Creating quote images or holiday images for social media.
·         Social media management for businesses which includes: schedule posts/tweets using program like Hootsuite, promoting events and special items, managing comments and watching for trolls. Passing on messages to the business owners when necessary. For the social media services, she has monthly packages.
·         Spend time each week following the trends and changes with social media and email marketing and advising clients of changes needed to their social media.

These are just some, but not all the services that Susan provides for her clients, but this will give you a good general overview of what she can offer. What Susan offers through her business, Reduce the Chaos is an extra pair of hands for your business to free your time up to do the things you want to do.
Susan Mayfield * Reduce the Chaos * 916.534.2048 * reducethechaos@gmail.com