Today’s first speaker was Ruthie Williams of Mary Kay Cosmetics in Golden, Colorado. Ruthie’s talk today was about foundations – she gave us a foundation survey to fill out and a new Mary Kay Customer profile card so she can be more helpful to us in our skin care needs. Mary Kay offers a wide variety of foundations – perfect for anyone’s skin type. The first item Ruthie discussed today was the Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation, which gives best results when Mary Kay’s special flat bristle brush (recommended) is used for application.  Applied in a circular motion for best coverage, it is very light and allows for build-able stay-put coverage. This is Ruthie’s personal favorite – she loves it because of the lightness when applying and you don’t even feel it there throughout the day. The Mineral Foundation costs 18.00 and the Mary Kay Mineral Foundation Brush costs 10.00. Ruthie’s next item she wanted to cover was the NEW Mary Kay Foundation Primer costs 16.00. This is a clear base to be used under any of the Mary Kay Foundations. This perfects skin as it enhances foundation benefits & extends wear of your foundation and look fresh all day. Next Ruthie talked about the NEW TimeWise Age-fighting liquid foundations, infused with Vitamin E and a patented blend of collagen-building peptides, the result is skin that instantly looks firmer, younger and healthier with 23 shades to choose from. This comes in Luminous-Wear (for Normal to Dry skin) with a moisturizing complex enriched with jojoba & delivers lasting comfort & hydration and Matte-Wear (for combo to oily skin) special microspheres work all day to absorb oil and control shine without a heavy makeup look or feel.  The next foundation she showed us was the Mary Kay Crème to Powder, a favorite with teens – this foundation goes on as a cream and then dries to a powdery matte finish once on the skin. For those with alcohol sensitivities keep in mind that this foundation does contain alcohol. The Mary Kay Crème to Powder comes in the compact style to fit the new MK compacts, with ten shades to choose from and costs 14.00. It has a very smooth and cool feel. The next item Ruthie brought out was the Mary Kay Day Radiance Cream foundation – the oldest in the Mary Kay line – this foundation is a cream foundation for very dry skin. Testing it on the back of my hand it is very creamy and smooth. The cost for the Day Radiance is 16.00. The next foundation Ruthie showed us was the Mary Kay Liquid Foundation. The medium coverage foundation is for normal to oily skin, which offers true color for up to eight hours. This foundation comes in 20 different tints and at a cost of 15.00 per tube. Ruthie’s next Mary Kay product is the Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer with sunscreen (spf 20) and comes in six tints. This product offers the benefit of a three in one application.  It offers sheer color, oil free moisturization and UVA & UVB protection, is very light feeling on the skin, at the cost of 18.00.  The very last item Ruthie wanted to tell us about is the Mary Kay Facial Highlighting Pen, this pen diminishes small imperfections with an easy to blend formula that will not settle into fine lines. The product is oil free and smooth and easy to apply throughout the day for a fresh and clean look anytime. The Facial Highlighting Pen has special light reflecting pigments optically “lift” the shadowy areas of your face. It is to be applied over your foundation underneath the eyes and to other shadowy areas to diminish those small minor imperfections and brighten your complexion. Let Ruthie Williams from Mary Kay find the right foundation for you with a consultation.  Call her today to schedule a customized appointment!

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Where how young you are is your business, but how young you look is mine”

Our second speaker today was Linda Schafer of GL Specialties of Arvada, Colorado, our promotional products specialist. Linda talk today about what is new in the promotional products this year and found that the real question is what’s evolved? The fans that used to be made of wood and paper are now made with plastic handles and are longer lasting. The plastic waters bottles have morphed many times – from plastic to aluminum to steel and now are ceramic with a easy to work lid, they have also come out with a insulated tumbler that has a screw top lid with a straw. They are now using old scuba material to create insulated wine bottle holders and a thumb drive case – that protects them from just about any type of impact. The gift bags have come a long way from paper to plastic that have business card holders at the rim – this can save money on imprinting. The reusable grocery bag are now made of a nice sturdy cloth in a wide variety of colors and now they can laminate the fabric to make them indestructible – but be careful when purchasing these laminates as some of them have been found to have high lead content. A school district in California purchased thousands of laminated lunch bags for their students and once tested by the health department found very high lead content, constituting in a massive recall effort and ordering new ones that had been tested prior to delivery. This is something to keep in mind when ordering products from overseas. Some of the ideas that have pretty much remained the same are the wide variety of business card holders – such as the letter openers, these come in a wide variety of colors, the plastic clips with magnets on the back, also comes in many of the most popular colors. Another type of business card holder that is very popular are the grocery list and the things to do list, these are very affordable and keep you in front of your customers eyes for a long time. If you need to get in front of your clients with promotional products and don’t know what your options are give Linda Schafer a call and she will find the perfect product for you!

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