Our first speaker today was Christine Metzger of UpScale Plus/UpScale Princess Consignment Clothing Stores located in Wheat Ridge Colorado. Christine spoke today about the do’s and don’ts of consigning clothing. The first item she mentioned was do not charge things to your account before you have credit in your account, you don’t know what amount you will get for your items so you want to wait and see. Do not expect your consigner to mail you a check for each item sold – she does not want to mail a check for 2.60. If you are visiting the store and see your items on the clearance rack do not request them back, they may still sell. When bringing in clothing to your consigner make sure of 4 items – that the clothes are in-season, in style, clean (dry cleaned) people do not want to wear your clothes for a while and suddenly smell your perfume and have your clothes on hangers. When you are first starting in consigning you should consider which store you are taking you clothes to as not all consigners are the same, such as UpScale Plus and UpScale Princess – they consign only higher end labels and do not want clothing from Old Navy, Kohl’s or Walmart. You should make sure you read your contract closely and make sure you understand all the terms of consigning. Make sure you are clear on all of the ins and outs of the consignment store you are working with. At UpScale Plus and Upscale Princess they will work very hard to make sure you are comfortable with the whole process.

Christine Metzger * UpScale Plus UpScale Princess * www.upscalelus.com * 303.420.5423

Our second speaker today was Ruthie Williams of Mary Kay Cosmetics, she did an abbreviated talk today to accomodate our groups need to discuss the updating of our website. Ruthie talked about the New Fall Looks, we are trending back toward the Ultra Feminine look. The move back toward the vintage look now has a contemporary edge, a few of those new looks are: Soft & Refined look – which includes Spun Silk and Sweet Pink  mineral eye shadows then apply Sienna mineral eye shadow to the crease of your lid and MaryKay’s Taupe Eyeliner,  for your blush use Pink Petals mineral cheek color and then line your lips with Dusty Pink MaryKay lip liner and fill in with Pink Melon lipstick and Cream & Sugar lip gloss for that shine. Another choice is the Naturally Charming look – which includes a light application of Spun Silk   mineral eye shadow from the lash line to just across  the crease of your lid,  for your blush use Strawberry Cream mineral cheek color and then just use some Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm in Apricot. This give you a clean and natural look.  For those romantic nights out the following Glamorous Romance is the perfect combination, which includes Mary Kay Loose Eye Shadow in Lilac Lace,  apply from the lash line to the brow line and MaryKay’s Amethest Eyeliner on the upper and lower lashline,  for your blush swirl Silk Nectar mineral check color on your cheekbones and for your lips use Mary Kay Creme Lipstick Pink Passion. There are more ideas on the Mary Kay website for that perfect look for you.

Ruthie Williams * Mary Kay Cosmetics * www.marykay.com/ruthiewilliams * 303.278.350