Our first speaker today was the ever so funny Christine Metzger from UpScale Plus in Wheatridge, Colorado. Christine owns this little consignment store with plus size clothing for women of all tastes. Today she had a “potpourri” of things to talk about! Here they are:

1. Fall Trends – Lots of metallic, animal prints, simple scarf

2. Ask department store about alterations. You can change a look of a jacket or shirt by altering it and making it more in style. Sometimes taking a long sleeve and making is a 3/4 can make a lot of difference.

3. Denver isn’t very brand oriented. The west and east coast are very brand oriented.

4. The American Research Group says that 12-15% of Americans buy through consignment. Christine says it is a great way to try an upper end brand without the upper end price.

“Like a beautiful peice of jewelry, we deserve to wrap ourselves in lovely packaging so that people understand the treasure that we are”

Christine Metzger

UpScale Plus

3890 Kipling

Wheatridge, CO 80033


The second speaker today was Linda Schafer from GL Specialties out of Arvada, Colorado. Linda sells a variety of promotional products that can have any logo, words or designs added to them as a promotional piece for your business. This includes pens, bags, notepads, ect…

It is always fun when Linda speaks to see the new fun gadgets that are out there! She says that one popular item these days is the recycled grocery bag with the companies logo!

Linda Schafer

GL Specialties

Arvada, CO