Today first speaker was Leailia Bartleson of Mrs. B’s Baskets and Mrs. B’s Concierge Service in Golden, Colorado.  To start us of today Leailia wanted to show off a few of her latest projects with the concierge business. Her first project of before and after pictures was the back room of a local catering company – where they can now find anything from a recipe from many years ago to the latest decorations for a dinner party. The second was cleaning and organizing a garage so all the items were organized and are now easy to find. The change was dramatic and the family can use their garage again! Her next project was in a Christmas store that was getting ready for the holiday season. Leailia went in to the store and created areas for each product line – decorating each space with a theme centering on Christmas with lots of snow, Christmas balls, Christmas light and pine boughs. The change from the previous setup and design was quite dramatic – Leailia’s created a space that felt homier and warm rather that stark and white. She definitely has a very creative eye and a vision for design to create a wonderful space that is a visually enticing. Leailia then wanted to share some of her experience that she has used to build her business. Leailia grew up in Pagosa Springs, CO where her mother owned a dry cleaner and Leailia was trained in all aspects of the business. She worked in all areas from customer service to sewing to delivery route driver. When Leailia was 10 years old she decided that she wanted to play piano and her mother told her the she would have to pay for the piano. So taking on the challenge she set out to do just that and by delivering newspaper, babysitting, door to door sales and selling polished rocks, she was able to purchase a piano when she was 11. She has kept that piano as inspiration to help keep her motivated when times get rough. When she was 14 she started working full time at the dry cleaners, along with a job bussing tables and playing baseball three times a week. Her mom actually made her quite the bussing job. During high school, not to sit idly by, she was the woodshop teachers aid and also ran the concessions for her class and the local rodeo. Leailia took the opportunity to write articles of Pagosa’s history for the newspaper and at 17 she managed the dry cleaners. She also managed the Navajo Lake Marina which entailed licensing, running the gas pumps, renting and managing the boats, running the store and cooking. Leailia has many talents that were taught to her through her family as they built a house that required learning drywall, painting and roofing. She also manage the three gardens plant throughout the property. During her college years Leailia worked in a grocery store doing everything from stocking to running the cash register and at Pizza Hut learning the ins and outs of the industry. She also modeled for the drawing and photography classes and also some magazine ads. She also worked as a makeup artist for other models, and sold Mary Kay Cosmetics to buy her first car. In to her adult years Leailia worked has worked in a variety of industries to broaden her base of experience. Everything from Grand Prix auto racing to marketing director for a chain of furniture stores to teaching time management and supervisor training classes. What all of Leailia’s experience can offer you through Mrs. B’s Concierge Service is a well rounded service that can help in those times when you can’t figure out how to manage a task or don’t have time to do it yourself. She can follow through with any task or position, whether you need a room organized, a store restaged for a sale or season, someone to shop for you Christmas gifts, manage your store while you go on vacation or run your holiday party – Leailia is the person to help you manage your time! The last thing that Leailia told us the her mom is the one that that her to be self-sufficient and that if something is broke, figure out how to fix it. She also taught her to learn everything she can and follow what interests her, look for the adventure in life and live it to the fullest!

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Our second speaker was Kelly Ballie of LINCS Carpet Care in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  Kelly wanted to discuss flooding issues that happen this time of year and how to avoid them.  These causes are mostly preventable such as frozen water lines that are on outside walls, downspouts that are directed or close to window wells, frozen sprinkler lines and outside hose bibs and a broken water heater. Keep in mind that under your homeowners insurance many of these events are not covered unless you have flood insurance. You only need 2 items to fix yourself up for winter and those are some sort of pipe insulator and caulk. First item for you to take care of is your outside hoses – unhook and drain all outdoor hoses then close any inside water valves that supply outdoor hose bibs. Leave those outside hose bib valves open to allow all water to drain out. Also don’t ignore your in-ground or above ground pool – follow your recommended specs for draining and winterizing. The last item is to drain, or depending on the age, blow out your sprinkler lines. The next item that Kelly wanted to discuss was insulating exposed pipes in exposed areas. Those areas include basements, attics and garages – installing insulation can be very simple. You can go to your local home improvement center and pick up pipe sleeves that just pop on the pipes, there are a couple of other routes you can take that involve a little more time such as heat tape or cable. By placing these on both the warm and cold pipes you are well on your way to avoiding a winter flood! Remember to only use insulation products that are approved by independent testing organizations. The next item to look at is sealing all air leaks by using caulk where the cold air can come in. You can look for places that air leaks around windows, electrical wiring, dryer vents and where pipes come in to the house. Sealing around these areas can not only reduce your electrical bill it will also prevent flooding where areas get cold and cause freezing lines. The next tip Kelly talked about was a simple one – keep your garage door closed whenever possible to keep the pipes that may run through there from getting to cold Then moving on to the last few items that are mainly for those going away during this winter is leaving your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open especially if they are on an exterior wall, these allows for airflow around the pipes and therefore warmer. The other item is to leave a faucet dripping that allows the water to keep moving thus the pipes will not freeze when extreme cold weather persists. Kelly told us that when leaving your home during the winter time do not turn the thermostat below 55 degrees any lower than that and all of the other preparations you have made will not help to prevent a flood. Keep in mind that even a small crack in a pipe can leak up to 250 gallons a day!! If you need a carpet cleaning before the holidays or help after a flood LINCS Carpet Care can take care of all your carpet care needs – they don’t cut corners, they clean them!

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