Our spotlight speaker this week was Joan Bridgett, an area director for N2 Publishing. She publishes the Westwood Living magazine for the Westwoods Ranch development in Arvada. Joan started her talk with a little bit of her history and how she ended up with N2 Publishing. She is a Colorado native and has always enjoyed beings in sales, so selling advertising for her publication is natural for her.

N2 Publishing was started in 2004 by two brothers in Willington, NC, they wanted to build a company that would not comprise the time they spend with their families as well they wanted to be able offer that same experience to the people who would be working with them. The business model that they created was building a business based on hard work rather than long hours – this model has attracted a lot of people to the company and N2 has become one of the fastest growing small companies in the country. The company creates custom publications for affluent communities around the country. The publications have stories about those that live in the community and their families allowing the members learn about the neighborhood and those that live around them resulting in a quality publication that echoes the voices of the neighborhood and reflect the community itself.

N2 area directors offer many events throughout the year that bring together the advertisers and the community members such as after work socials or summer picnics that give the advertisers an opportunity to introduce themselves to the community members in person and put a face with the advertisement in the monthly publication.

N2 Publishing also has a non-profit N2Gives2 that works to combat human trafficking around the world. The fight against human trafficking takes people who are willing to go out and work in the environments were trafficking is prevalent and ignored by those in power. They also work with local non-profits and offer a free ½ page ad for local 501c(3)’s to get their voice out there.

If you are looking for a way to promote your business to those in an affluent community give Joan Bridgett a call and discuss the opportunities with Westwood Living.

Joan Bridgett * N2 Publishing * joan.bridgett@n2pub.com * 303-886-5313