Today we had three speakers because of our guest speaker last week our first speaker was Helen Masterson of Masterson & Friends Communications. Helen spoke to us today about the upcoming holiday season and that we are not only a family but a team. She handed out marketing worksheets with each of our businesses on it with spaces open for our products or services. These worksheets are to help us help each of our businesses during not only the holiday season but throughout the year. So Helen wants us to take these sheets and plan ahead – if you know someone who needs a massage, how about a gift certificate from Karen Lee at Lillie Lee Massage Center or do you need a wreath, swag for your door or a centerpiece for your holiday table – contact Ginger Kaiser from Willows Floral, maybe a gift basket to ship out of state give Leailia Bartleson of Mrs. B’s Baskets can give you a hand with that (in fact with Leailia’s Concierge Service – she can get your Christmas shopping done for you!). If you find yourself needing Holiday or Christmas cards, we in this group, have three different options for you with Linda  Shaffer of GL Specialties offers a wide variety holiday cards through an outside manufacturer, Cindi Thordarson of Ecographics Printing has two options for you with The Children’s Hospital Holiday Card Project and as well she can design and produce your cards with your own personal style, and thirdly but not last Helen Masterson with Masterson & Friends has two options as well with the Colorado scenic cards and personally designed cards. If you just want to avoid the holiday season and get away remember that Juli Parrott at Table Mountain Travel can help you with those plans. If you are looking for a new look for yourself or a loved one Edna Miklos at The Hair Place can take care of all of your hair needs. Once the holiday season is over and looking into the new year – you might want to have Lori Bush-Engel at Modern Woodmen of America look over your financial and insurance needs. Maybe you need to update your website or learn how to use social networking to market you business then you should give Maki Delaet of Educyber a call to get that started. The point that Helen was sharing with us is that we are a network of business and we need to help each other create and build those businesses by referring new clients to one another and using those services that we need. If you are needing marketing materials to promote your business in the coming season give Helen a call.

Helen Masterson * Masterson & Friends Communications * 303.423.3946 *

Our second speaker was Linda Shaffer of GL Specialties in Arvada, Colorado, our promotional products representative. Linda started GL Specialties 12 years ago and never looked back, she really enjoys helping her clients find that perfect product to promote their business. About 90% of Linda’s products come from China and she has been watching the situation in that country closely. There is unrest in the country with the laborers wanting to receive a living wage, so this is narrowing the price between products made here in the USA and China. Linda will always work with you and give you the option of promotional products made in both countries so you can make an informed decision. One of the companies in the United States that Linda likes working with is Evans Manufacturing in California. This is an upcoming promotional products company – that combines competitive pricing with customer service and an expanding market line. One of the things about working with this company is that the shipping costs are reduced and delivery time is drastically shortened. Linda then brought out samples that are currently produced by this company displaying the wide range of colors and items – the samples included two different types of first aid kits, sewing kits, measuring spoons that nest into each other making storage easier a small cutting board and a colander. They also have around 30 different colors and many colors that you can’t get from China. The promotional products industry has always made use of the reusable cloth bags and that trend has only increased with the current movement to reduce our waste. Linda told a funny story about bags ordered by one of her clients for a trade show in China, the bags were delivered to Colorado from China, repacked and shipped back to China. The shipment was held in customs in China while they questioned the composition and inks used in production. Linda had all the documentation faxed over and solved the problem for her client. Linda Shaffer from GL Specialties will take care of your needs and find the product that will do you business the most good!

Linda Shaffer * GL Specialties * 303.456.9035 * *           

Our last speaker today was Cindi Thordarson of Ecographics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Cindi started her speech by holding up a poster and asked us when we thought it was printed. The poster was a man standing on top of the earth with the interior filled with garbage and refuse, the poster was produced in 1989, the real beginning of the “green” movement. Cindi spoke about her business partner, who was just starting out in the printing industry, and his struggle at the time to find recycled papers – in 1989 there were only about 2 companies that offered a recycled sheet and these sheets were about 10% more expensive than a regular sheet, as well in 1989 you could not get any gloss sheets with any recycled content at all. Today every sheet we use in the printing industry has some recycled content with most of that be post consumer, we also have access to 100% post consumer wasted recycled paper, but once again the cost on these paper is approximately 15%-25%  higher than the regular sheets. Cindi spoke to the fact that at Ecographics Printing they recycle and reuse as much of their scrap paper and get to pay for that privilege. Then she went on to explain that her early years in printing were in California the “green” capitol of the states. Working in California, Cindi used acrylic inks that do work but that was found to have issues with degrading in the landfill, so it has since been replaced with soy based ink that degrade more effectively. In California, Cindi also heard about 2 printing companies that were shut down and fined heavily by the EPA for throwing to much ink by-product into their trash bins. This is another aspect of the printing industry that Cindi works with every day, when running a job one puts ink in a tray on the press and at the end of the job the ink that remains must be dealt with, at Ecographics they work to minimize the ink that goes into the actual trash. By putting the ink back into can and reusing it at a later date, also they have a metal drum that will eventually be burned according to government standards as it has been there since Cindi joined the Ecographics team and is still not full, when they have it removed and taken to the facility it will probably cost upwards of $1200.00 – it is the price of taking care of our planet and trying to reduce the impact of the printing industry. The changes that have happened in the printing industry over the last 20 years to reduce the impact on our environment are remarkable – beginning with the soy based inks, the new papers and the water miscible cleaners. We are trying and we are not perfect but we continue to strive everyday to keep our impact to a minimum. So for eco-friendly printing with a company that works to give you the product that you want with customer service – give Cindi at  Ecographics a call!

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