Our first speaker today was Helen Masterson of Masterson & Friends Communication and Guest Guide Publications in Arvada, Colorado. Helen has been a writer and worked in public relations for many years and has a vast variety of experience. Today Helen talked to us about thinking outside the box with our advertising and our partner businesses. Such as the changes that have taken place in Moab, Utah since the 1980’s. In the 80’s Moab was a large farming community and at the time they started promoting mountain biking to the outside world and today it is the mountain biking capitol of the world. Not only that as well they now cater to off-roading jeeps, rock climbers and a variety of festivals throughout the year. This has brought a huge boom to the Moab economy and now they are promoting their mountain biking experience to the people of Washington and Oregon – who think their trails offer the best in the world – to increase more tourism.  The other area that Helen wanted to talk about Estes Park, Colorado, which has always been a destination area where people came to hike. The Stanley Hotel was built by the inventor of the Stanley Steamer, Freelan Stanley, which was opened in 1904 and catered to the rich and famous. Bringing the concept of a resort area rather than ranching to the residents of Estes Park. The city of Estes Park then started calling itself the Gateway to the Rockies – driving tourism up as weekend drivers go through Estes Park and spend money. A little known fact about Estes Park is that it is second only to Niagara Falls for destination weddings. They have the Estes Park Wedding Association, which are all the local industries that deal with wedding issues. This group of florists, caterers, hotels and wedding locations get together in wedding directories and travel across the country to wedding conventions sharing their advertising dollar to a very large audience. By using these examples Helen wants us to step outside our box of normal advertising, either by promoting our businesses in areas we wouldn’t normally and working with other industries to further out advertising dollar. If you need advertising ideas or someone to write your words for you give Helen and Masterson & Friends a call!!

Helen Masterson, A.P.R  * Masterson & Friends * 303.467.9680 * helen@guestguidepublications.com


Today’s second speaker was Linda Schafer of GL Specialties Promotional Products in Arvada, Colorado. Linda is just back from a trade show where they displayed all the new products available this year.  There are a wide variety of drink cozies ranging from bottles to cans and neoprene to foam; they all come in a wide variety of colors. Linda also showed us a variety of phone holders, the new ones are much sturdier and some come with a screen cleaner. One of the coolest items Linda showed us were gloves with finger tips that allow you to text or use your smart phone. We all gave these a try and they worked great! Linda showed us the new line of water cups with lids and this year they are going retro and looking like old coke glasses. They are fun and really durable. Some of the other old reliable products such as the bags are now recyclable yet durable and come in a variety of colors and sizes. The clear plastic bags come in 5 sizes so you can pick the size that best suits your purpose. The last of the old products that she brought out were the chip clips – they now come in so many colors and sizes that it may be hard to make a decision! The new items that Linda had samples of were the new line of exercise equipment. Yes, I did say exercise equipment – they have a line of weight bands in a variety of colors and a line of jump ropes to encourage your clients to be healthy. Another new item for those in the health industry was a “Stay Fit Health Guide”, this is a chart that allows you to look up a drink or food item and figure out how much exercise you will need to do to work it off. A real unique way to advertise your business! If you need to get your name out to prospective clients give Linda Schafer a call to find the product that works for your business!!

Linda Schafer  * GL Specialties Promotional Products * 303.456-9035 * glspeccad@glspecialties.com