The first speaker was Helen Masterson of Masterson & Friends Communication in Arvada, Colorado. She started her talk today by giving us a questionnaire about how we would research for a retirement community. She has a new client that she has been hired to write copy for their website and she wants to include information that she can gain from us as a focus group. This new client is nationwide and has 28 communities and they have found that having the same copy – no matter the city – isn’t attracting the cliental that they expected. Helen has to work with the five templates that they provide depending on the services that the particular site office, such as independent living – which has pools, gardens and apartments to memory care – for those that are living with problems in that area. Helen had to start her research with the town that the community is in, such as Acton, MA – a small town community with a very homey setting, a short distance to Boston and Concord. There are a lot of historical sites nearby and with Boston a short 20 miles away. Helen can use this information to personalize the website for that specific area. Some of the other fun facts that Helen found in her research – Eugene, OR – is a college town home to the Oregon Ducks that have a very active role in the community and it is a town with a lot of aging hippies, so the town is so liberal it Boulder, CO conservative! Ft Collins, CO – another college town – however that is not it’s fun fact – the downtown main street was used as the inspiration for Main Street USA at Disneyland. Helen then thanked us for filling out the questionnaire for her and ended her talk with just a reminder. “Birthdays are a very good thing for those that have the most!”

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The second speaker today was another one of our new members, Lori Sandham of Denver West Bookkeeping in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Lori thought it would be a good time to explain where she came from and how she came to own her own business. Lori was born in Miami, Florida working in a variety industries while in college and in 1986 and became a business owner with her husband – mainly concentrating on the books. They moved the business to Orlando, Florida – before the divorce in 2002. At this point Lori returned to school completing a degree in in medical administration with a major in molecular biology and a minor in accounting/administration. She worked in a vet clinic there in the bookkeeping department. In 2005 she met her current husband on, finished her bachelor degree and started working in a medical office in administration. Then in 2008 Lori and her husband came to Colorado on a ski vacation and they both fell in love with the state, within 6 months they had picked up and moved here. When they first arrived here in Colorado, Lori to a position working in a CPA office as the bookkeeper for the office. This allowed Lori to gain more experience and allowed her to move out on her own. She opened Denver West Bookkeeping around a year ago and has really enjoyed the opportunity to budget her time and really take the time she wants to get to know her clients! What Lori and Denver West Bookkeeping can of you is:       * Comprehensive Bookkeeping with 30 years plus of experience in a variety of environments* Sales Tax reporting from her five years working for a local CPA* Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable management* Invoicing* Year-end and interim financial statement report compilation* Interface with tax and legal professionals with 5 years’ experience of individual and small business corporate tax preparation* Bookkeeping system implementation and trainingLori can also provide a comprehensive and affordable referable data source to individuals and their companies. So if you are looking for a bookkeeper or are thinking about changing bookkeepers give Lori a call, she will be happy to talk to you about your current situation!

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