Our first speaker today was Helen Masterson, owner of Masterson & Friends Communications in Arvada, Colorado. Helen’s talk today was a bout Daylight Saving Time – Daylight Saving Time once began on the first Sunday in April and ended on the last Saturday in October. Now it starts on Sunday March 8th and ends on Sunday November 1st, 2020. Lawmakers believed at one time that a time change would save energy so during war – WWI and WWII Daylight Saving Time was enacted. However then after the wars ended, states adopted a hodgepodge of conflicting policies. Iowa for instance had 23 different spring-forward and fall back dates. To end the confusion, Congress passed the Uniform Time Act in 1966. The original purpose for Daylight Saving Time was saving energy – it turns out that the savings is negligible – it saves a little on lighting, but the cost on heating and cooling has gone up. Two states do not follow the rest of the country in changing the time and those are Hawaii and Arizona. Here in Colorado the state has been working to stay on daylight time year-round along with Utah, Florida, Oregon and Washington – but they have to wait for Congressional action. Has that time come?
In our businesses we often think of business growth in terms of “more” – reaching more people, selling more product and so on. But technology does not remove the creative burden from you. Both content and advertising must engage people at the human level and inspire them to action. Simply reaching the right people is not enough – you need to reach them with a compelling message that motivates action. The ideal scenario is a blend of the creative that is personalized to an individual’s company, role or stage of the buying process. This will help marketing messages that reverberate with your desired target audience and will stand out from the noise. You have sent out an email message that is interesting and informative – non-threatening. To re-engage your clients, send an email at the end of October and at the end of Daylight Saving Time and then you need one more – in late summer – Helen sends out a birthday greeting to the state of Colorado.
Happy Birthday to the state where the residents
Can golf in January and go skiing in July.
Often wear shorts with a parka.
Know what a “Chinook”, a “Rocky Mountain Oyster” and a fourteener are.
And most importantly, have the satisfaction of knowing that Texas and California are downstream.

Helen went on to say that with emails, the subject line is the key. It comes down to the right words in the subject line. According to a study – email campaigns with the word “choice” or “choose” in the subject line generated 22% more revenue per email than average and 46% higher transaction rates.
For your website and social media remember that most people will scan content, rather than reading each word, this is especially true for social media sites. People scan content looking for something that stands out, if they don’t find it they will leave. Remember to mix your digital tools and do not forget paper. Postcard advertising – is the simple way to reach your clients – no envelope to open and easy to read.
If you are looking for someone to help you with your content give Helen Masterson and Masterson and Friends Communications a call.
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Our second speaker was Denise Wing, owner of Academy National Mortgage in Lakewood, Colorado. Today Denise took questions about the mortgage industry. The first question was about mortgage rates and how they work. Mortgage rates are trigger by the 10-year treasury note which actually changes frequently during the day, right now it fluctuates around 1.5% to 1.9% – giving people with good credit a mortgage rate around 3.5% for a 30-year mortgage. However, if the lender sees you as a risk, whether it be your employment history, debt or major financial events, you will be paying a higher rate.
The next question was asked about first time home owner down payments and the programs associated with that. Denise explained that for veterans they can received a zero down home loan through a few different programs. For other people the conventional wisdom is a 20% down payment to buy a home – there are down payment assistant programs that come with income limitations. These programs provide people with the money to cover their down payment in the form of a grant – these grants can be from 3% to 8% and can offer a forgiveness clause that with 36 months of on-time payment are forgiven. There are many different sources for these grants be it federal, state, non-profits, or city and county agencies, look to a mortgage broker like Denise Wing and Academy National Mortgage to help you navigate this source of funding.
The next question that came up was – “How do HELOC’s work?”. A HELOC is a Home Equity Line of Credit, generally it is a line of credit on the equity you have in your house. A bank can give you a credit line of up to 80% of the equity in your house to be used for remodeling, unexpected expenses or debt consolidation. There is a usually a ten-year draw period – meaning you can use it for up to 10 years at which time it will enter a repayment period which will be determined by the lender. The interest rate is tied to the prime interest rate and will change, right now the prime rate is around 4% – your lender will add a percentage, depending on your credit rating, debt and employment history usually an addition 2- 3% – so a 6 -7% percent interest rate is better than other rates like credit cards. This can be a good way to do home improvements to your home.
Lastly – Denise talked about Remodeling – HELOC versus hard money, is it better to drain your savings or have a HELOC and pay the interest on that money. This is a personal decision and if you want to pay 20,000 in interest on a 200,000 loan. Another thing to keep in mind is that a HELOC is a subordinate loan and will affect your interest rate on a refinance in the future. Once again this is a personal decision and you should talk to someone like Denise to help you make that choice.
If you are looking for a home loan, refinance, a HELOC, VA loan or loan for a first time home buyer – call Denise Wing and Academy National Mortgage for all of you home loan needs.
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