Our first speaker today was Helen Masterson, owner of Masterson & Friends Communications in Arvada, Colorado. Today, Helen spoke about the Golden Rule. Forget what you mother taught you. The Golden Rule does NOT work for developing a marketing strategy, your clients do not want to be treated “as you would like to be treated”. Understanding your customers, you will discover that their needs and expectations differ from yours.
The Golden Rule for marketers: Do Unto Your Customers As They Would Like To Be Treated.
How do you do that, Helen asks. Of ‘course by working with people we learn about them, but we should also collect data on them and that has become a confusing term.
The Senate hearing with Mark Zuckerberg, a 33-year-old billionaire and Congress with the average age of 63, revealed a generation gap. Orrin Hatch – in his 80’s asked Zuckerberg if Facebook was free – just how did they make money? Almost with a straight face, Zuckerberg replied “We sell advertising, sir”. Of ‘course Facebook collect data to make money and advertisers fine-tune their advertising based on that data.
Helen shared a quote that she feels is true to this era. “We live in an age of digital disruption and constant evolving marketing playground.”
Data is what drives us today and if this is not your area of expertise, find someone to help you.
Last week in The Hub, there was a story about a company that won a Small Business Award. It had a great picture of the employees and a very well-written story, which Helen was sure that many people read, because it was an interesting story. However, the week before, another story appeared about some individuals who won an award. This story was accompanied with a cell phone photo (blurry and not clear), along with a poorly written article, Helen doubts many people read this one.
The small business with the well-written story, used a copy of the story on their company e-mail blast, on Facebook and had copies made for their employees to take with them to their networking groups. They did what Helen learned years ago, use a story over and over to maximize exposure. As well have a professional journalist to write the story. Hint-hint, Helen’s cards are in the card file.
Although, we don’t like to think about it, there are times when we have to let a client go. Maybe the client is just taking up to much of your time or just using you for information or really ignoring your advice, but your ego gets in the way. Take time to keep track of your time – write it down in 15-minute increments, then after several days review how your time was spent. Then consult with a financial person like Kay Cruson, to see how to work with or without this client.
Helen’s final thought – consider the time of year for special promotions. Summer promotions star in May, Fall promotions should be done in August, unfortunately because that is when school starts. Helen often speaks about sending emails to those non-busy people who are stuck at their desks in December, the first week of January is a good time for open houses or seminars because businesses want to get back into the swing of things.
The two take-aways from Helen’s talk are – if something is not your area of expertise, find someone to help you. And – you should be able to explain your business in one sentence. That’s it – No exceptions.
If you need someone to write an article or advertising piece give Helen and Masterson and Friends Communications a call!
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Our second speaker today was Lori Bush-Engel of Modern Woodmen of America in Golden, Colorado. Today Lori spoke about “Are you controlling your money or is it controlling you?” Please see the attached pdf’s to help you, and call Lori Bush-Engel to discuss.     Plan for life  Is your money
Lori Bush-Engel * Modern Woodmen Of America * 303.880.4084 * lori,bush-engel@mwarep.org