Our first speaker today was Helen Masterson, owner of Masterson & Friends Communications and editor for Guest Guide Publications. Helen took her time today to discuss product research and using that data. Helen started with Moab, founded in the late 1800’s and was hardly a speck until the 1950’s, when prospector Charlie Steen discovered uranium and created a mining boom for the city. As the mining boom declined and the economy stalled until 1983 and two out of work uranium miners began selling a fat-tired, multi-geared bike called a “mountain bike”. These bicycles were perfect for riding the Slickrock Trail, that had been used by motorcycles and jeep drivers since 1969. The Moab Visitors’ Bureau decided to push the mountain biking in bike friendly states like Colorado and California. Moab’s new industry became adventure tourism. In 2007-2008 when the financial crisis hit the visitor bureau noticed that the inquiries from the Midwest declined and through research discovered that Midwestern’s were vacationing closer to home and quickly pulled their advertising dollars from the area. Their research further led them to the people of the Pacific Northwest being avid bikers and pushed their advertising dollars up to Oregon and Washington. Moab never experienced any decline in tourism throughout the depression and the industry continues to grow today. The two lessons we can learn from Moab is if you see an opportunity to expand your brand – take it! If you note a decrease in customers using your brand, find out why and if necessary, switch your promotion, always keep data and use it.
Now Helen moved us on to Estes Park. In 1859, rancher Joel Estes, who lived outside of Fort Lupton, one day followed a bear trail with his son. They came out on a high promontory looking out over a lush valley and decided that this would be the perfect are for his ranch. He moved his wife Patty and 13 children into two log cabins in what is now Estes Park. One of the visitors to the Estes cabins was William Byers, the publisher of the Rocky Mountain News, he came from Denver with several companions in August 1864, in an attempt to reach the summit of Long’s Peak. He failed and wrote, “Not a living creature, unless it had wings to fly, was ever upon its summit.” The public soon learned about the beauty of the high mountain valley surrounded by snowcapped peaks when Byers reported about his journey in the Rocky Mountain News. Byers named the mountain valley after his host Joel Estes. In April 1866, a very harsh winter chase Joel Estes and his family from the valley, leaving only his squatter’s cabin, outbuildings and the name. Then in the summer of 1867, Griff Evans added extra cabins to the Estes holdings and took in guests. This was the beginning of the tourist accommodations in Estes Park.

F.O. Stanley, who came to Estes Park in 1903 seeking a cure for his tuberculosis, after he and his twin brother invented the Stanley Steamer automobile. In 1909, F.O. Stanley built a luxurious hotel for vacationing Easterners, you know that hotel as The Stanley. He then capitalized on the growing number of vacationers by running a regular fleet of 13 Stanley Steamer buses from the Denver train station to his hotel, remember back then Estes Park had no train service. The local businessmen depended on the Estes Park Women’s Club to raise money for civic improvements to attract travelers. Money from the Women’s Club went to projects, such as a watering machine that reduced the dust on the unpaved city streets. Rocky Mountain National Park was not a national park until 1915 and it was the Women’s Club that brought about the dedication ceremony. The Women’s Club was also the main reason that, in the 1920’s, the National Park Headquarters remained in Estes Park, by providing two town lots for the headquarters offices.
Trail Ridge Road is one of the most popular attractions of the Park and is the nation’s highest continuous paved highway and now there is an app that provides a professional guided tour commentary along the drive. This app was created by Guest Guide Publications, tells about the history, legends and local advice so all you have to do is dive, listen and soak in the beauty of the Park. It works through your GPS, so it plays automatically as you drive and plays on all roads within the Park. Take away from this – work with your partners and develop partnerships in your community.
Helen’s last topic was about Winter Park Ski Area. Where you aware that the City and County of Denver has 205 city owned park and that Winter Park Ski Area was one of them. During the 1930’s George Cranmer of Denver Parks and Recreation suggested a plan to create a winter sports area. The then abandoned construction camp at the west portal of the Moffat Tunnel was bought by the City of Denver in 1938 and officially opened Winter Park on January 28, 1940. It had a half mile long rope tow and a one dollar lift ticket cost. Mary Jane officially opened for the 1975-76 ski season. Who was Mary Jane? It is said that she was a popular woman at a local sporting house. Denver created a non-profit agency within the city government to operate the Winter Park Ski Area. The board consisted of 15 volunteer members that oversaw the operations and development of the area. During the 2001-2002 ski season with increased competition for skiers, the City of Denver decided to lease the operations of Winter Park to Intrawest and in the middle of that season Alterra Mountain Company bought Intrawest and now manages the ski area. Your power partners can come in all shapes and sizes – don’t overlook the opportunity they can offer.
If you are looking for a communications company that has knowledge of the area and experience working in many different environments give Helen Masterson and Masterson & Friends a call.
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Our second speaker today was Dr. Becci Noren-Lewis, owner of Always Gentle Chiropractic in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Becci is a Doctor of Chiropractic that is Advanced Proficiency Rated in the Activator Methods Technique. Dr. Becci graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa 24 years ago. She is the Co-Founder and President of the Colorado Women’s Chiropractic Association since 1999. Dr. Becci has also served on the Colorado Chiropractic Association Board of Directors from 2000-2008. Her term also included her as the 2nd female President ever from2006-2007 and Chairwoman of the Board from 2007-2008. This organization was started in 1917. She was recognized in 2005 by the Colorado Chiropractic Association as “Chiropractor of the Year” for her service to the organization.
What is Chiropractic care? This is the science which is concerned with the relationship between the structure, primarily the spine, and function, primarily the nervous system, of the human body as the relationship may affect the restoration and preservation o f health.
Nervous system – Brain & spinal cord = Computer
Spine & skull = Structure and Protection

Subluxation – this is the misalignment of the vertebrae producing nerve pressure, irritation or dysfunction and can apply to any joint in the body.

Adjustment – the precise method of realigning the misaligned (subluxated) vertebrae or other joints in the body.
Dr. Beeci Noren-Lewis uses the Activator Methods Technique, which uses an Activator (a hand held unit) that applies a pinpointed pressure to realign the vertebrae. So there is no popping or “back cracking” normally associated with chiropractic visits.
Dr. Becci then shared some of the success stories from her practice in her treatment of babies as young as six weeks old to a client that has been in 13 car accidents to another current client that was brought to her by his wife and called her a witch doctor (he is now a firm believer). These stories are all amazing in the impact that chiropractic has had on their lives.
If you are looking for a Chiropractor that will listen to your needs and work within your budget, give Dr. Becci Noren-Lewis a call!
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