Today’s first speaker was Debbie Hansen owner of La Dolce Vita Coffee Shop in Arvada, Colorado. Debbie spoke today about how to arrange a networking coffee date. People say the creating your networking time around coffee is great opportunity to reconnect with old friends or clients. Most everybody likes coffee and so why not turn it into a chance to network. If you are new to networking, you may want to start with somebody you know well and just invite them out to coffee. You may be surprised what those you consider close to you don’t know about you and you them, this gives you a time to really connect and let friends know what is going on in your life and how they can help you and your business. During the coffee meeting have questions in mind that will help you with not only your life but maybe you can help your friend find a job, or improve their work situation and in turn they can do the same. Some people have said that coffee networking is very therapeutic because both of you get a chance to talk through plans or ideas and get someone else’s opinions. Even if most of the time is spent on their stuff, just sitting and listening to someone else will still be beneficial to you. Helping other people solve their issues can be a great boost to you. Since you are the one who invited your friend out, your first job is to listen then give advice if it will be helpful, lastly talk about what you have on your own plate. This is not the time to be impatient, you are using this time to build relationships, not just solve problems, so this becomes an investment in you and your business.
Debbie also want to discuss marketing your business in very simple ways that keeps your name in front of your clients – if you have items that leave your office in their hands – your name should be on them. The cheapest way to go is labels with your name and either a thank you message or your phone number. That way not only they have a reminder of where they got the product but anyone who sees that item also sees your name! We all need to keep our names out there – so find a way to mark your product. At La Dolce Vita, Debbie puts a sticker on everything that leaves her shop – on the packaged coffee, the coffee cups and anything else she can!
Debbie’s last reminder is that La Dolce Vita Coffee Shop is celebrating 25 years on November 18th, 2017 and they will be celebrating all day! They are even having Hazel Miller perform in the afternoon – call for the actual time for her performance! Go and visit La Dolce Vita Coffee Shop and have a networking visit in Olde Town Arvada!
Debbie Hansen * La Dolce Vita Coffee Shop * 303.456.8919 * 5756 Olde Wadsworth – Olde Town Arvada, Colorado

Our second speaker was a guest speaker brought in by Lori Bush-Engel, Tiffani Lennon, executive director of Ray of Hope Foundation in Denver, Colorado. The service that Ray of Hope provides is unlike any other in Colorado. They respond to the urgent needs of Coloradans with cancer by providing financial assistance with dignity and humanity. By giving unrestricted cash grants directly to cancer patients in treatment, they give them the freedom to use the gift however they see fit. Whether that be groceries, rent, utility payments—even flowers for a daughter’s wedding—the foundation imposes zero restrictions. Every one of their grantees have expenses that exceed their income, many of them have no income at all due to the loss of work because of their cancer treatment. Ray of Hope provides them with the dignity of managing their grant funds and prioritizing their needs as only they know them. Even though the foundation has no restrictions on how the money is spent, 57% of the patients who apply for a grant list food as one of their most pressing needs.

Our group has a personal connection with the Ray of Hope Foundation and gave a donation in honor of Mallory. Mallory Sauer is Helen Masterson’s granddaughter. She died on May 31, 2017 of metastatic melanoma/cancer after a two-year fight. A graduate of CSU and a fashion designer at Sports Authority, Mallory could put on a burlap sack, know the correct shoes to wear and look amazing. Mallory was recognized for rewriting the fashion blogging rules, is known for more than her fashion, style, dance, strong social media following, and as a courageous metastatic melanoma patient. Mallory showed the world by example how to deal with the unexpected lemons. On June 8, 2017, her family celebrated what would have been Mallory’s 28th birthday during her memorial. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2015, while also battling severe Crohn’s Disease, Mallory decided to share her health stories to help others going through similar challenges and encourage readers to embrace their flaws and face their fears. Mallory became known for her courageous and honest postings. Mallory refused anything less than living life to the fullest. She is missed tremendously. Her family created the Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation’s Mallory Sauer Fund because Mallory recognized how fortunate she was with the support she received from family and friends. She did not want a single Colorado cancer patient to go without support. When considering your charitable giving this year please consider the Ray of Hope Foundation to help those families going through cancer treatments.
Tiffani Lennon * Ray of Hope Foundation * 720.238.5401 *