Our first speaker today was Debbie Hansen, owner of La Dolce Vita Coffee Shop in Arvada, Colorado. Debbie spoke today with little known facts about coffee. Coffee beans are grown on trees and the fruit is called a cherry turns red when ripe. One coffee tree produces enough cherries to create an average of 1 to 2 pounds of coffee beans per year. As well a tree will not produce viable product until it has been in the ground for five years. Most coffee beam farms still hand pick all of the cherries, and it takes 2000 cherries to create one pound of coffee. Once picked the cherries are then dried, there are two ways to do that. The dry method, is the traditional option, also known as natural or unwashed coffee. After harvesting the coffee cherries are separated from chaff (the outside husk) and then placed on a flat, sun-exposed surface, in order to dry. The drying process lasts 7 to 10 days, turning the cherries up to 3 times per day. The final step is removal of the outer layers of the cherries until only with the coffee bean remains.

The second option is the wet method or washed coffee. This involves a wide variety of steps and therefore is more expensive, it is normally reserved for higher grade coffee. Once harvested the coffee cherries are placed in water this is to the separate ripe berries from unripe ones. The unripe berries will reveal themselves by floating on top of the water. The pulp surrounding the beans will be removed by using mechanical equipment and fermentation tanks. Finally, the beans are washed and dried. This method usually takes around 3 to 4 days.
The roaster that La Dolce Vita buys from here is Colorado, personally visits the farms and communities in which they purchase their beans. To build trust and friendship they have also gone so far as to rebuild the schoolhouse in one community. Doing this creates a sense of trust and well-being between the buyers and sellers in a country that has very little. They have also built their own roaster to their specification to get the best flavor out of the beans. Remember that the dark roast coffee has less caffeine that the light roast, because the longer the brew the more caffeine is removed.
If you are looking for a place to have a great cup of coffee – stop by and meet Debbie Hansen and her crew at La Dolce Vita Coffee Shop.
Debbie Hansen * La Dolce Vita * 303.456-8919 * debbie@ldvcoffee.com * 5756 Olde Wadsworth, Arvada, CO 80002

Our second speaker today was Joan Brown, owner of JB Decorating and The Design Coach in Denver, Colorado. Joan asked us the question – Are you a candidate for an interior designer or decorator? If you answer yes to two or more of the following questions, you are:
• Are you overwhelmed by the many choices in furniture, colors and fabrics out there and have no idea how to pull it all together.
• Are you in the midst of remodeling and need some help with space planning and room layout?
• Do you want a style make-over for your spaces (transitioning traditional to contemporary – for example) and are confused about how to start?
• Have you seen a fabulous room in a decorator show home and like to hire that decorator to help you?

Here is how an interior designer can help:
• A designer is familiar with latest styles and colors.
• A designer will work with your colors.
• A designer is familiar with new products.
• A designer can save you money by staying within your budget.
• A designer will coordinate the colors and patterns in your home.
• A designer will keep you from making a costly mistake.

When looking into new furniture – getting to touch, sit on and seeing the actual colors is important. You don’t want to buy a couch online and find the color doesn’t match or that it is uncomfortable. A designer can help with all of that by getting color samples and having you sit on a sample. Maybe that $500 faucet that you saw on-line isn’t all the you think it is, once again it is best to see it in person. The size, the color and what functions it offers may be different than it appears on the computer screen. Especially when looking at the brushed bronze, brushed nickel and polished gold, these metals can have very different tones depending on the company and where it is made.
JB Decorating has many connections here in the Denver area where Joan sources her products and those products are.
• Blinds – pleated, cellular, mini, wood and fabric – Hunter Douglas or Krohn’s Covering
• Drapery Hardware
• Flooring – tile, laminate, vinyl, wood and cork
• Tile – Capco, Pro Source, Dal Tile and Arizona Tile
• Fabrics – for window treatments and upholstery from 40 showrooms at Denver Design Center
• Bath Fixtures – tubs, toilets, faucets and shower heads
• Kitchen Fixtures – sinks and faucets
• Countertops – Solid Surface, Granite, Marble, Cultured stone and Cultured Marble
• Wallpaper
• Furniture – Custom and ready made at Denver Design Center
• Accessories – Vases, Artwork, Mirrors and more
• Lighting – Table, Floor and Ceiling

Along with the products JB Decorating can offer she also has a network of people to help with the installation and construction.
• Drapery and window installation
• Carpet and all flooring installation
• Wallpaper installation
• Upholstery
• Painters – both standard and specialty
• Construction design and building
If you are looking for a full-service interior designer that has the skills, connections and access to products give Joan Brown and JB Decorating a call.
Joan Brown * JB Decorating & the Design Coach * 303.399.6208 *joancbrown@q.com