Today’s first speaker was Dr. Becci Noren-Lewis of Always Gentle Chiropractic in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Becci wanted to finish her talk from last time and finish her discussion about the 10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Chiropractic Care.

A quick review:
1. Pain is the last symptom of dysfunction.
2. Athletes use chiropractors to stay healthy.
3. The body does not perform as a cluster of separate mechanisms, but rather a cascade of events.
4. Doctors don’t do the healing.
5. Chiropractic is for all ages.

Now on to the last five:
6. Chiropractors know about more than your backbone – this surprises many people, many don’t know that they give advice on nutrition, fitness, ergonomics, and lifestyle. Chiropractors screen for other conditions unrelated t the musculoskeletal system and will refer out to other practitioners when necessary.
7. Successful chiropractic patients accept responsibility – when someone says they have tried chiropractic and it didn’t help, Dr. Becci cringes and has the feeling that they missed the boat. In most cases, one doesn’t acquire back pain overnight and it is not going to go away overnight. If it comes from a weak core – through years of sitting at a desk an adjustment will provide relief, but once the condition is no longer exacerbated, she would prescribe some exercises for the patient to do at home. If this plan is not followed the pain will come back.
8. Chiropractic may help you get sick less – studies have indicated the adjustments consistently reduce the production of pro-inflammatory mediators associated with tissue damage and pain. Chiropractic may also enhance the production of immunoregulatory complexes important for a healthy immune system.
9. “I heard I’ll have to go forever” is a myth – although you may want to go forever once you’ve started because you didn’t realize how great getting adjusted is. Patients generally come in to help with a specific issue and then will be scheduled for a few more appointments to make sure proper motion is maintained. It will be recommended that one comes is occasionally for a check-up just like your visits to your dentist.
10. Adjustments don’t hurt. Especially with the activator method – the Activator Method Technique is a specialized adjusting technique that is specific and gentle. The chiropractor uses a hand held adjusting instrument that delivers a controlled, light and fast thrust without undue strain to the patient.
If you are in need of a chiropractor that will design a plan that will make you feel better and can work with you for a better life, give Dr. Becci Noren-Lewis and Always Gentle Chiropractic a call!
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Our second speaker today Debbie Hansen, owner of La Dolce Vita Coffee Shop in Olde Town Arvada, Colorado. Debbie decided to have some fun today and give us a personality test. So she passed around a piece of paper and started the “Draw a Pig Personality Test”.
The Pig personality test starts off by first having you to simply draw a pig on a piece of paper. Once you are done, it asks these 6 questions:
1.) Where is the pig located on your paper?
a.) If the pig is at the top of the paper, you are an optimist.
b.) If the pig is at the bottom, you are a pessimist.
c.) In the middle means that you are a realist.

2.) Which direction is the pig facing?
a.) If your pig is facing right, you are innovative.
b.) If your pig faces left, you are traditional.
c.) If your pig faces the front, you enjoy arguing with others, and creating drama.

3.) Does your pig have many details, or few?
a.) If your pig has few details, it means that you might be emotional and naïve, and a bit of a risk taker.
b.) If your pig has many details, it means that you are more likely cautious, and do not trust others easily.

4.) How many legs does your pig have?
a.) If your pig has 4 legs showing, it means that you are secure and stubborn.
b.) If your pig has less than 4 legs, it means that you are insecure, or are going through a major change in life.

5.) Does your pig have large ears, or small ones?
a.) If your pig has large ears, it means that you are a good listener.
b.) If your pig has small ears, it means that you are not a good listener.

6.) How long is the pig’s tail?
a.) If your pig has a large tail, it means that you have a good sex life.
b.) If your pig has a small tail, it means that you might not have a good sex life.
If you are looking for a coffee shop with a lot of personality – stop by La Dolce Vita Coffee Shop and meet Debbie Hansen and her team!!
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