Today’s only speaker was Dr. Erin Foley of Mountain Lifestyle Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center in Golden, Colorado. This February will be Erin’s 15th year in business here in Colorado, Her ex-husband and she started their business the first of February 1998 and just a couple months later she joined Connect Club for the first time. She will be working on something special to celebrate this milestone. Her ex-husband and she started their business the first of February 1998 and just a couple months later she joined Connect Club for the first time. Erin quit Connect Club after four years with the demands of her business and life – when she wanted to rejoin 4 years later there was another chiropractor in the group so she had to wait until 2008 to rejoin. Her talk today centered around success stories of her patients. Erin’s chiropractic is fairly main stream and she can work on every member of your family from children to grownups – her table drops down and with the use of an activator she can adjust with minimal effort. She is also a board certified acupuncturist and offers that service as part of her practice along with physical therapy. In the physical therapy area Erin is trained in the use of an electrical muscle stimulator and the ultrasound machine to get in deep with each treatment. Dr. Foley’s first success story was 36 year old female when she first came to Erin’s office in 2004. She had lived for 4 years with daily headaches that required daily pain medication. Erin used a combination of chiropractic and acupuncture and within 6 weeks she was 50% better and had been able to reduce her daily use of pain medication – after 10 weeks she was 75% better and off her pain medication. She came back for 1-2 times a month for about a year and is now coming in once every six months and is pain free. Her next success story involves sinus and allergies – a large part of her business – as we are so dry here in Colorado – your allergies can react year round. In 2002, a 40 year old woman came to see her with seasonal allergies that were worse in the fall, she was taking clariten and allergra and was being recommended for allergy shots, which she didn’t want to do. They started working together with acupuncture and chiropractic, and then added in some Chinese Herbs. Dr. Foley is not a Chinese herbalist but has found them useful in her in working with her patients and has an herbalist that she trusts. They worked for 4 months 2 sessions a week and then for 1 session a week for about six months and now she only sees her a couple times a year for chiropractic work and her last allergy treatment was in 2010 – so the combination has become a permanent treatment for her. The last patient Erin wanted to discuss was a 49 year old man, who came in for lower back pain with leg pain and numbness. His pain came on after sitting for a long time, then going out to hit golf balls and over swung and had immediate lower back pain and numbness traveling down his right leg to his big toe. He came into Erin’s office with shooting pains and limping with a pain level around 7 out of 10. She knew that she was working with a bulged disk and sciatica which Dr. Foley treated with a combination of chiropractic and physical therapy, after the second session his pain level was down to 2 out of 10. He came back in for a third session with no pain and minimal numbness. She still sees him outside the office around town– and he tells her “I just feel so great that I haven’t needed to see you!” Although her main client base for maintenance work is female, women are naturally just more proactive with maintaining what positive changes they have experienced, men generally come in when they can’t walk upright and are gone until the next injury – she however does have a few male clients that do come in for maintenance!
The benefit to what Erin does is that when working with chronic pain – she can do so without using the pain medications that your medical doctor is so willing to prescribe – that will not treat the problem. Your medical doctor is great for injury and major health issues however they do not deal with long term pain without pharmaceuticals. Erin can work through the area and diagnose the symptoms of your pain rather than just treat it with cortisone shots or pain medications. Erin can help out with plantar fasciitis by using chiropractic techniques, acupuncture and orthotics, not only will this help your foot pain it will also help to straighten out the rest of your body. Erin can treat all varieties of pain from headaches to your toes – if your need a Chiropractor/Acupuncturist that you can trust to listen to your issues and work with you ~ give Dr. Erin Foley a call!
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