Today’s speakers started with Dr. Erin Kruse of Mountain Lifestyles Chiropractic out of Golden Colorado. Today she told us about a new 2 year education program that she is starting for chiropractors. She also went into further detail about the education you must get to become a chiropractor and how similar it is to medical doctors. One of the things she explained is that chiropractors don’t have a residency in school and don’t prescribe drugs.

She did bring some of the things she uses to treat patients instead of drugs including ice packs and heating devices. She explained how careful you should be when icing a body part so that you don’t give yourself frost bite. She says 20 minutes at a time is perfect. She also explained that heat brings more fluid to an area so you shouldn’t use heat in any situation and especially if there is swelling. She showed us feet pads that are available through here to help with hips and posture.

The last thing she talked about was natural pills that are available for all sorts of problems including allergies.

Dr. Erin Kruse

Doctor of Chiropractic


Golden, CO

The other speaker today was Denise Wing with Academy National Mortgage out of Lakewood, Colorado. Denise is an informative and professional mortgage lender who can help anyone with a mortgage. Today she spoke to the group about reverse mortgages and how they work. Here are some of the things she explained:

~ They provide lots of flexibility

~ You don’t repay it until the last person from the loan moves out of the house

~ A person’s heirs are never liable for the loan

~ All borrowers must own the home or only have a small amount owed on their original mortgage loan

~ This works for any kind of home including a mobile home although special rules apply here

~ There are closing costs but the benefits of the loan outway the closing costs

~ You must be 62 years or older for this type of loan

~ With this loan you are tapping into the equity of the home tax free

~ There is no employment or credit checks

~ You can receive the loan in a lump sum, payments, line of credit or a combonation

Denise Wing

Academy National Mortgage


Lakewood, Colorado