Today’s speakers started with Dr. Erin Kruse of Mountain Lifestyles Chiropractic in Golden Colorado. She explained that most of her clients initially go to her because they are in pain. Many continue with chiropractic treatment because they feel it is a better option than surgery or medication. On a clients first visit Erin starts with an extensive history and full exam. The first chiropractic appointment can be an hour long because of Erin’s full attention to the client and their needs. She feels it is really important to get a proper diagnosis even it means telling the client they probably will need surgery. Many treatments take up to 6 weeks to fully make a difference with the option to come back at any time to get an adjustment.

Erin explained that many of the people who come to her are injured because:

~ Of accidents from when they were children

~ Snow Shoveling (the lifting and twisting)

~ Sports injuries

~ Car accidents

~ Sleeping

~ Bad Posture

~ Falling

Erin also uses a lot of physical therapy and muscle stimulation procedures in her treatments.

Dr. Erin Kruse

Doctor of Chiropractic


Golden, CO

Our other speaker today was Anna Roche a certified public accountant out of Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  Anna does tax work for small businesses as well as for people on a personal basis.  Her office also does payroll for  many small businesses.  Everyone had questions for her about their taxes and writing things off.  Although she answered many questions some of the big ones included keeping track of your mileage and the government issued stimulus checks.  She really emphasized how important it is to keep track of your mileage and she explained some of the laws and rules around it.  Another topic she covered was writing off expenses on your taxes when you travel.  She explained that the travel must be at least 50% business in order to write off your expenses on your taxes.

Anna Roche, P.C.

Certified Public Accountant