Today’s first speaker was Dr. Becci Noren-Lewis of Always Gentle Chiropractic in Denver, Colorado. Becci started her talk today speaking about what the most common reasons people need adjustments. Here are the reasons – Work Related at 5%, Related to Age at 5%, a Childhood injury whether sports or auto accident is at 25%, a Current Injury at 25%, but the number one reason for adjustments is Bad Posture at 40%. This really didn’t surprise anyone in our group as several of us straightened up when Becci Noren-Lewis told us that fact.
The next topic the Dr. Becci Noren-Lewis spoke to us about was what the benefits of chiropractic care are. Having continuing chiropractic adjustments will help with your concentration, reduce headaches, improve your lung function, insomnia, TMJ pain (jaw issues), reducing anxiety, range of motion in your joints, help your immune system, carpal tunnel syndrome and of “course your posture! No matter how you look at it – chiropractic care will improve your quality of life!
One of the most frequent questions Dr. Becci Noren-Lewis gets is “How long will it take to heal my injury?”. The answer is, generally 4 to 6 weeks, however this does depend on the injury and how long you have been living with it. The initial treatment is intensive care and the primary treatment goal is to reduce the symptoms by reducing inflammation and getting rid of toxins in the body. This is also when you start to feel better and gain improvement in range of motion, once you are symptom free you should continue with supportive care. The supportive care phase is when most people will stop going and is the most important part of healing. If you drop out at this stage, you will most likely relapse back into a chronic pain stage. The reason is that your body is re-learning how to function properly and your soft tissue is beginning to normalize and heal. Your visits in this stage are not as frequent as long you continue care. If you finish this stage you will enter the wellness stage, which is continuing care because now your body is no longer in a state of constant defense, but rather a state of support. Keep in mind that if you get treatment immediately after an accident this treatment to wellness can be around 30 days.
Lastly, Becci gave us a form commonly used in her office called the “General Pain Disability Index Questionnaire”. This form has the human body on one side, with letters for one to put over the areas that you have issues with and the type of pain, ie. burning, stabbing, ache or numbness. The second side has different areas of your life that your injury might be affecting, and you circle the number 0 least affect – 10 most affect that you see that injury’s effect on your life.
If you are looking for a chiropractor that will listen and work with toward your health goals, give Dr. Becci Noren-Lewis and Always Gentle Chiropractic a call!
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Our second speaker today was Mary Walker of Walker Solutions in Golden, Colorado. Mary spoke to us today about her most frequently ask question., “What exactly do you do?”. The first service that Mary Walker discussed with us was In Office Production, which is when Mary comes into your office and observes how the office functions. This is an opportunity for you to have an outside observer looking at each of the different systems that are currently in place. Then Mary will work with you and your staff to either streamline what you already have in place or to offer different ways to get to the same place. Mary Walker works to create a culture of accountability and results within a company. Walker Solutions assists managers in learning to communicate effectively and create constructive feedback. The goal is creating a clear sense of direction and alignment among team members and enabling them to achieve understanding of how best to leverage individual and collective strength. The perfect client for Walker Solutions is the business owner, who has been in business 10 years and feels that they are doing fine. If Mary can talk to them, they may find that they have needs in areas that they weren’t thinking about – like their work/life balance.
Personal coaching will help you achieve results with lower stress, fewer obstacles and less self-sabotage. The coaching Mary Walker provides helps her clients to set better goals, take more direct action, make more informed decisions and use their natural talents and strengths. A professional coach is trained to listen and to observe to help their client find the direction and motivation to be successful.
A personal coach becomes your accountability partner, a coach will ask you to be accountable for your actions – well, you just binged watched “The Crown” – was that the right choice at this moment? When you have an accountability partner – they are a neutral party that has no skin in the game, working toward your goals and how your behavior is affecting that path. The right coach for you will be creative on giving you a direction to move in as well as getting you to see different ways to access your goals.
Creating a culture of accountability and results, Walker Solutions assist managers in learning to communicate effectively and create constructive feedback. The goal is creating a clear sense of direction and alignment among team members and enabling them to achieve understanding of how best to leverage individual and collective strength.
Why hire Walker Solutions? They understand small business and help small businesses make the best of the most valuable asset – people. They keep it simple and only get as involved as you want and will never sell you more than you need.
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