Our first speaker today was Dr. Erin Foley of Mountain Lifestyles Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center in Golden, Colorado. Erin wanted to take her time today to introduce herself and some of the treatments she does in her office to our newest members. Dr. Erin Foley has been in practice in Golden for 13 years this February 1st, she and her ex husband started Mountain Lifestyles Chiropractic February 1997 after moving here from California where she had practiced since graduating from Chiropractic College in 1987. She also offers acupuncture for which, she has had 500 hours of school and 3 months of internship, Erin reminded us that most people who train in acupuncture have not gone through the school and training that she has. When looking for an acupuncturist keep in mind that the level of education and training is very important as to the results you can expect! Dr. Foley then explained that in her office she uses low force chiropractic and uses both a drop table and an activator for the patients’ adjustments. She also went over some of the areas she works with commonly in her practice. Shoulder injuries – most commonly are tendonitis (front of the shoulder) and rotator cuff (back of the shoulder), elbow injuries – Golfers elbow (inside of the elbow) & tennis elbow (outside of the elbow), and Erin reminded us that you do not have be a golfer or tennis player to get these injuries. Dr. Foley also sees many clients with hand and wrist injuries, which is most commonly treated with the activator such as carpel tunnel (which she treats, if in the early stages) and the relatively new trigger thumb – which Erin treats with both chiropractic and acupuncture. Other common injuries Erin sees are hip and knee injuries that are treated both with the activator and for the hips the drop table, most hip problems are caused by a twisted hip joint and can cause many other problems because it will throw of your gait and balance. The base of your body the feet and ankles were the last area Erin wanted to cover today – with ankles, Erin most commonly sees are sprains which she very successfully treats with acupuncture. The last problem Erin discussed was planter fasciitis – or tightness and severe heel pain – which can be attributed to your hip and gait, Dr. Foley treats this ailment, with great success, with both disciplines acupuncture and chiropractic. Dr. Foley’s last comment was about “Wolff’s Law” which is essentially the observation that bone changes its external shape and internal architecture in response to the stress acting on it. So, if you are out of alignment your bones will shift to accommodate for pain and stability. If you are looking for an experienced chiropractor or acupuncturist that will listen to your needs call Dr. Erin Foley and set up an appointment!

Dr. Erin Foley * Mountain Lifestyles Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center * 303.271.1701 * krusedc@yahoo.com


Today’s second speaker was Laura Kilty of Shaklee in Golden, Colorado. Laura wanted to remind us about the Shaklee Cinch Weight Loss Program. She talked to us about this last year about this time and Laura wanted to go over the Cinch Program again because this is the time of year where we are re-evaluating if we like where we are at. We are gearing up to make some changes, now this may be you or someone you know, but it all starts with just 10lbs. Laura went on to discuss that being overweight is associated with the four main health challenges – heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. For the men in our lives there is another reason – extreme weight gain lowers testosterone, a recent study shows that for men who gained 30lbs, that weight gain lowered their testosterone as much as if they had aged 10 years. With most diets today you loss muscle mass, which in turn lowers your body’s ability to burn calories. Keep in mind that 1 pound of muscle burns 50 calories and on a typical diet you loss both muscle and fat – so when you go off the diet your body is burning fewer calories than before because of the loss in muscle mass, so you need to eat fewer calories to maintain that weight. Most of us don’t – so we gain that weight back plus more. So keeping that in mind, the Shaklee Cinch Weight Loss Program is based on scientific fact – not fad. Science tells us that leucine helps the body retain and build muscle, in the Cinch program you will find the right balance of leucine and protein which will help you keep the muscle you need and loss the pounds and inches you want. In clinical studies all of the participants lost weight, which you would expect but the amazing part was that they retained their lean muscle mass and lost only the fat. This keeps the body burning calories at the highest level. The Shaklee Cinch Program is a meal replacement program, you simply replace 2 meals a day with a Cinch shake or meal-in-a-bar and then for your third meal you eat a “sensible” meal. They also have a snack bar, the 3 in 1 Boost and Cinch Energy Tea. For meal replacement, the Shaklee Cinch Shakes, come in five flavors each containing 24 grams of protein – Vanilla, Chocolate, Café Latte, Whey Protein Vanilla (non soy), and Strawberry, and the Shaklee Meal in a Bar comes in three flavors – each with 20 grams of protein with a leucine boost – Blueberry Almond Crisp, Almond Crunch and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. The 3 in 1 Boost is a vitamin with green tea and supplements to work as a blood sugar regulator and fat burner, and the Cinch Energy Tea for a natural energy boost comes in two flavors Regular and Pomegranate. The Cinch Snake Bars for that pick me up during the day comes in three flavors each with 10 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber – Chocolate Decadence, Lemon Cranberry, and Peanut Butter Crunch. This year Shaklee is teaming up with author of “Just 10lbs.” and intervention specialist, Brad Lamm, who has appeared on Oprah and a regular contributor to the Dr. Oz show. Brad has become a Cinch user, believes in the product and has become a Cinch user. If the Cinch Program is the right program for you at under 10.00 a day – give Laura a call and set up a time for you to learn more about the program!!

Laura Kilty * Shaklee * 303.420.3359* KiltyCo@aol.com

Join Laura Kilty and others to learn about switching brands and making a difference – The Shaklee Way! They  will be having Shaklee Open Houses  – January 25th, February 3rd and 17th from 7-8 pm at the Arvada Public Library – 7525 W. 57th Ave. – Arvada, CO 80002.  Please RSVP so they can have adequate handouts and information to Laura Kilty at 303.420.3359


One of our newest member’s Anne Butta is having an Open House to showcase her Silpada .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry on January 29th from 4-6 pm. Please Call Anne at 720.308.4340 to RSVP and for address and directions!