Our first speaker today was Dr. Erin Foley of Mountain Lifestyles Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center in Golden, Colorado where she has been in practice for 14 years. Erin had two major topics today the first is the renewed attack by the FDA on the supplement industry. This was first attempted in 1994 and created such outrage in the general public that Congress passed a law that prohibited the FDA from banning popular nutrients. However, there was a loophole in the 1994 law that allows the FDA to regulate ingredients introduced after October 15th1994. The FDA wants to regulate supplements like synthetic food preservatives, such as aspartame, mono-sodium glutamate and sodium dioxide. Since food additives have known cancer risks and other health problems, the FDA has set guideline that limits the allowable concentrations of these additives to levels that are physiologically inert. To implement these guidelines on nutritional supplements is essentially limiting the dosages of dietary supplements to physiologically inert levels – defeating the entire purpose of taking supplements with health sustaining nutrients. These new guidelines that the FDA wants to set into effect are so flawed that even nutrients that have been shown to be safe in hundreds of human clinical studies would fail the new safety guidelines. As an example – all of the manufacturers of certain fish oils would now have to run a study for up to one year where animals would be forced to consume the human equivalent of 240,000 milligrams every day of fish oil, the current typical dosage of fish oil is 2400 mg a day – 100 times less than the FDA is proposed for testing –it will make it impossible for these supplements to pass there by will be pulled from the market. These safety thresholds are in excess of those required by the pharmaceutical drugs despite many studies showing that supplements are safer and fewer side effects that pharmaceuticals. If you want to become involved write your local congressman and express your concern about the new FDA draft guidance on dietary supplements.

Dr. Erin Foley had a second issue that she want to cover today and that is through a recent experience how easily our older generation will just say yes to what ever their doctor tells them. Your best word with a doctor is “NO”. You need to not only look for alternatives but also the safety and well being of your body – you do not always need the latest drug or surgery. Ask questions and be proactive – it is your body, when it comes to health care your best approach is a conservative approach. Erin reminded us that 50% of all back surgeries fail because they are not done for the right reason. Disks are usually the biggest culprit of back pain, when they are out of place the gel that creates the cushion in your joint is a toxin to the body and the lack of support will pinch a nerve. Dr. Erin Foley can help you avoid surgery through a combination of chiropractic and acupuncture – using conservative care and only advising surgery when it is truly necessary. Through combined care you can keep your body healthy throughout your life and isn’t that what we all want! Dr. Erin Foley can help you keep your body healthy give her a call!

Dr. Erin Foley * Mountain Lifestyles Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center * 303.271.1701 * www.betterhealthcolorado.com* elfoleydc@gmail.com  

Today’s second speaker was Karen Lee of Karen Lee Massage Center in Golden, Colorado. Today Karen wanted to show us how to do a 15 minute face lift through massage – something you can do every morning to perk up your day! Starting with a décolleté massage – the chest and neck area in a figure eight motion thoroughly stimulating the blood vessels and skin. You then move to under your jaw move your fingers side to side to tighten and firm that area. You, then move to your lip area pulling your fingers right to left across your mouth and slowly move DSC00500Aonto you cheeks. The massage motion for your cheeks is a figure motion working the skin and circulation for a bright youthful look. From your cheeks you move to under the eyes – for this move it is mainly pressure withyour fingers to increase blood flow – this pressure will also help withmany sinus issues. We, then, move on to the forehead – starting withfigure eights on your forehead – finishing with the right and left massage across the head. Karen also showed us what is called the Tingler, a massage tool that is to be used on your scalp. This is a tool with metal prongs that surround the head providing a tingling DSC00501Asensation when applied. If you want a massage that will wash away your stress give Karen Lee a call!!

 Karen Lee * Karen Lee Massage Center * 303.995.2117 * goteam@q.com