Today’s first speaker was Suzanne Smith from Food for Thought Catering in Wheat Ridge,
Colorado. Suzanne wanted to discuss with us today about a really popular fall
fruit and no, it was not the pumpkin. It was the apple – with the holidays
coming up she wanted to give us clues on how to pick a good apple as well as go
over (and let us a taste!!) some of the most popular varieties that are
available right now. First Suzanne wanted to go over how to pick a good apple,
since apples come to the market off and on throughout the fall and winter. This
can make it difficult to know when the apple was picked and how they were
handled during transport. Suzanne gave us these clues to picking a ripe apple.
1.  You should be able to detect a pleasing aroma of fresh apple.
2. To prevent picking a mealy apple – rub your hand across the fruit and if it
fresh and crisp it will have a squeaky sound.
Popular Apples:
Honeycrisp: History – Good genetics courtesy of the University of Minnesota. Flavor – Sweet, crisp with
honey overtones. This apple is quickly finding its way to the top of the apple heap. Used for eating, cooking and baking.
History – This is what you get when you cross an antique American apple, the Ralls Janet, with a not so antique
Red Delicious. The Fuji, despite its all American heritage was developed by Japanese breeders who named it after
the mountain in Japan. Flavor – Mild and very sweet – like a Braeburn – but can be inconsistent. Uses – a good
eating apple, slicing in fruit salads and excellent for applesauce.
Granny Smith:  History – An Aussie native, granny Anne Smith, discovered by chance in 1868. Flavor – this is
the tartest of all the apples, but consistently crisp and snappy all year round. Uses – Great for eating out of hand
when you want a tart crisp apple and great for baking when combined with other apples.
Red Delicious: History – The farmer who discovered this apple couldn’t rid his fields of it, even though he
tried cutting it down. The moral of this story – what do the zucchini and Red Delicious have in common? Both
were fruits that were that were considered weeds and tried to wipe them out. Flavor – Crisp and fruity. Still
the most popular of all apples, excellent when it’s fresh but it can fool you. They often look great in the store
but can be flavorless and mushy. This apple does store well and can be found year round. Uses – Great eating
out of hand or used in fruit salad.
Gala: History – The first tree was the result of crossing a Golden Delicious and the Kidd’s Orange Red in New
Zealand during the 1930’s. Flavor – Sweet. Uses – Eating out of hand, the Gala is the 2nd most popular in the United States.
If you need help with an apple pie for your family for the holidays or an entire meal give Suzanne Smith and
Food for Thought Catering all call and let them handle all of your party and meal needs!!
Suzanne Smith * Food for Thought Catering * 303.425.5442 *
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Our second speaker today was Becky Shirey of Farmers Insurance and the Shirey
Agency in Golden, Colorado. Becky’s talk today was covering uninsured or
underinsured incidents and how to share the loss or transfer the loss. The first
product she discussed was a Liability Package that should cover you net worth.
A Liability Package should be designed to protect you for the threat of a third
party claim or a payment that does not go to the insured but to a third party
that was not covered by the insurance contract. This will protect you and your
lifestyle in the event of an accident or situation beyond your control. Un or
Under insured motorist coverage is a critical part of your policy these days as
many people out there either can’t afford insurance or just don’t get
insurance. This should be a sum below your net worth but keep in mind that
going to the hospital after an accident can start at 14,000 dollars. Everyone
should carry underinsured motorist coverage in their policy – just in case. You
also should think about an Umbrella Policy which refers to a type of liability
insurance that protects not only assets but future income – above the general
limits of your regular policy. An Umbrella policy will only goes into effect as
well if your base policy is maxed out, the term “umbrella” refers to how this
type of policy will shield the policy holders assets more broadly than their
primary policy. An example Becky gave us is that if you have just a home and 2
cars on your primary policy it is wise to have a million dollars in an Umbrella
policy which will generally cost around 152.00 a year – sounds like a pretty
minimal investment to protect your future. The Umbrella Policy will provide a
broader base of insurance that will cover you beyond your traditional home or
auto, although it will cover those claims that exceeds your policy limits, it
will also cover underinsured motorist incident as well as covering against
incidents that you have no idea about such as if your child is cyber bullying
another child, or slander and libel. Your insurance coverage is a very
important part of your financial package and can save you from many perils, a
full coverage policy is not as important as your liability coverage, a very
important item to keep in mind. If you need to have your policies looked over
and updated give Becky Shirey at The Shirey Agency a call and she can walk you
through all the insurance that she thinks will cover your life – now and in the
Becky Shirey * The Shirey Agency/Farmers Insurance * 720.273.8076 *