Our first speaker today was Suzanne Smith – owner of Food for Thought Catering of Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Suzanne is celebrating 25 years of service to her clients this year and still loves her job!! Suzanne started off her talk today about reminding all of us about the usefulness of aprons – We have all seen aprons over the years on our Grandmothers, Mothers and sometime even ourselves (although I do not own one). Aprons were initially designed to protect the dress of the woman of the house before the advent of the washing machine, but was put in to practice with many other uses – such as picking up hot dishes, carrying in eggs from the hen house and vegetables from the garden, dust the furniture before guests arrive, or drying your children and grandchildren’s tears. Now aprons are saved for those who want to make people laugh, but for people like Suzanne they still have an everyday application! Suzanne also wanted to share today about keeping a safe and clean kitchen. She called this talk Cleaning 101 – several ways to keep yourself safe from kitchen bacteria and they all may not be what you think! The first idea is what we should all do all the time when cooking – wash your hands 20 seconds between foods this will help keep cross contamination from happening, another helpful hint is Cutting Board cleanup – in Suzanne’s kitchen they have a cutting board for each different food product – meat, veggies and etc.. In your own kitchen you might consider having two – on for meat and one for veggies. But when cleaning if you can’t put the cutting board in the dish washer then you next best alternative is bleach or undiluted vinegar. Another area that you may not think to much about is your sink, you need to keep your sink clean and most sinks harbor 18,000 bacteria per square inch, that doesn’t sound good. The clean up can be as simple as very hot soapy water and occasionally a mixture of 1 tablespoon of bleach per quart of water will add insurance for safety. For those of us who still use sponges in our kitchens… this is the worst offender of bacteria and germs in you kitchen! If you do use a sponge in the kitchen keep in mind that because it stays wet for extended periods of time that bacteria can grow quickly and if reused you are spreading that bacteria to the counter and possibly to your food. To help eliminate the bacteria and germs in sponges it is recommended that you either boil the sponge for five minutes, microwave it for  a minute or two – but be careful because on full power can melt it or throw it in the dishwasher along with the dishes from your meal. As for cleaning fruits and vegetables – don’t buy the high priced cleaners – a mixture of 3 parts water and 1 part vinegar will work just as effectively, and yes, you should wash the outside of fruits and vegetables because when cutting you are pulling all those germs into the cut with the slice of the blade! Keep in mind that that most bacteria thrive 40 and 140 degrees and bacteria can double about every twenty minutes – as a rule food shouldn’t stay in this “danger zone” for more than two hours. These quick tips can help keeping your kitchen clean! If you are looking for a fantastic caterer in the Denver Metro area – Suzanne Smith at Food for Thought Catering offers a tantalizing menu that will feed any hunger!

Suzanne Smith * Food for Thought Catering * 303.425.5442

Our second speaker today was Angela Wihelmi from NuSkin Galvanic Spa. This is a hand held unit that you use to erase wrinkles and fine lines, using the unit combined with the AgeLock gels to diminish lines and wrinkles, it will also help with acne with a different gel to pull out the impurities in your pores. NuSkin brought together world class scientists to help develop the AgeLock Gels and one of those scientists is the man who also created the drugs that are used with organ transplant patients. Angela has also run a gift basket company – but had put all her eggs in the real estate basket – when the market dropped so did her business. She thought about working her business back up but had an opportunity to see the NuSkin Spa and decided that it was time to step outside her comfort zone and reinvent herself. Angela has been working with NuSkin for about a year and is loving it! She really enjoys the close contact with her clients and the ability to offer them a dramatic and positive change in their lives. Other exciting news with the NuSkin Company is that they just received the 2009 Stevie Award (kind of like receiving an Oscar in the business world) with their Nourish the Children Campaign NuSkin works to feed hungry children of the world by using the NuSkin distributors and clients throughout the world and working with reputable charitable organizations in the world poorest countries to make sure that the support gets to the children who needs. It is quite a distinction for NuSkin. Angela would like for us to keep in mind that she would appreciate leads or introduction to lady golfers, botox friends, a Red Hat Society and adults or children with severe acne. If you want to try the half face demonstration youself – give Angela Wihelmi with NuSkin and call!

Angela Wilhelmi * NuSkin Galvanic Spa * 303.875.7440 * angela@creationsbyangela.com

Also Your Invited! Stacie Jacobs & Pam Thomas of  Thrivent Financial are having an Educational Open House – Sat. March 13, 2010 from 9:00am to 1:00pm. If you would like to attend please RSVP to 303.962.6265 ext 105 by Mar 10th. They will also have a shredding truck on site for all those personal documents.