Today’s first speaker was Suzanne Smith, owner of Food for Thought Catering in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Suzanne started catering in 1982 at her children’s elementary school and never looked back – she is in her 37th year of providing excellent catering services.
Suzanne’s first topic today was about email marketing – she received an email with the heading “Trouble with Food for Thought Caterers” and it gave Suzanne pause – she had to read it because she first thought that it was a complaint from a customer. Well, it wasn’t a complaint it was a company trying to get her to sign up for website services. Suzanne actually responded to the email – stating that don’t start with a negative to get my business and because of the way you headed your email Food for Thought Catering will never use your services. Fortunately, the next email was from an actual client thanking her for the awesome service and food at a recent event, reminding her that in general people are good.
Her next brief topic was about a speaker she heard at another who spoke about being positive when networking – people can feel your energy and if you are there just to get you face out there and aren’t really excited about being those that you meet can feel that. It is important when networking not just to show up – but also to be present to hear what people are saying. It’s the principle of “Be interesting – not interesting”, when we network we want to find people that we connect with and can connect with to grow our businesses – so always listen and learn.
Now – a brief moment about actual food, when Food for Thought Catering began they produced a lot of meat and potatoes type meals, in the last 20 years they have transitioned to providing lighter meals, less starch and smaller deserts. Suzanne said her clients will request no deserts at an event and she knows from experience that if you don’t have a desert people are unhappy. She thinks the reason for that is most people do not eat desert in their real life so when they are at a special event, they want that treat! Something to remember when planning your next get together. The last thing Suzanne wanted to mention is that 95% of the food that they create is made from scratch and by hand, this gives the food extra love and flavor.
If you need a caterer that will make your next event a very special time for your guests give Suzanne and Food for Thought Catering a call!
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Our second speaker today was Lori Bush-Engel of Modern Woodmen of America in Golden, Colorado.

Lori Bush-Engel, Modern Woodmen of America Fraternal Financial spoke about Financial Wellness.  Financial Wellness is described as ‘fully meeting current and ongoing financial obligations, feeling secure in your financial future, having the ability to make choices to enjoy life”.  Financial Wellness is about being prepared for the future, which allows you to have choices in life.  Every family’s path to financial wellness in retirement may be paved a bit differently.  Whether you rely on Life Insurance, Annuities, IRA’s, investments, or a combination of everything, it is important to have a plan specifically for you.
Lori provided a Financial Wellness quick checkup. Click Link
mwa Financial Wellness 2020 mwa monthly challenges page 1 mwa monthly challenges page 2
And for fun, she also provided a of handout showing “Monthly Challenges for 2020” to remind you how you can make a big impact in the New Year. mwa monthly challenges page 1 mwa monthly challenges page 2
Lori Bush-Engel * Modern Woodmen of America Fraternal Financial
* 303-880-4084