Our first of three speakers today was Suzanne Smith with Food for Thought Catering in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Suzanne is in the middle of her 30th year in business and wanted to go over a few of her clients over the years. She works with the Carson Brierly Dance Library throughout the year on various celebrations and functions that they have. For the City of Wheat Ridge she supplies lunches and food for breakfast meetings. Suzanne has been a member of The West Chamber for many years and creates meals for many of their functions throughout the year as well as providing breakfast for her Friday morning lead group at The Talking Book Library. Suanne and Food for Thought Catering doing many breakfasts around town including the Red Barn Recycling Center. Suzanne also provides the Lady’s Tea to the Beyer Evans House and does Lady’s Teas all around town. The last client she told us about was the Denver Women’s Press Club for which she provides many meals for their luncheons and events throughout the year. The last was a fashion show at which the director complimented Suzanne – she was one of the few resources that she didn’t have to worry about as Suzanne was always on time and bringing with her wonderful food. Keep Suzanne Smith and Food for Thought Catering in mind when you are planning your next event!

Suzanne Smith * Food for Thought Catering * 303-425-5442 * Suzanne.foodforthought@juno.com * www.foodforthoughtcaterers.com

The second speaker today was Joan Brown of JB Decorating and The Design Coach in Denver, Colorado. Today Joan wanted to discuss the Denver Design Centers yearly design convention – which started out as a three day event and then down to a two day event and is now just a one day seminar. This year they brought in author and designer Kathryn Ireland, who spoke about her latest book. They had other designers and companies displaying their wares. One of the companies that Joan looked at was Stark Wall Murals and she brought in their promotional pieces to look at, these panels were oriental in theme and very beautiful. When you order these panels they have a three panel minimum, which will give you the feel of the overall scene without doing a full wall or room. The panels are painted on rice paper or silk and do require special installation, the company offers installers that know exactly how to prep the wall and hang the panels with the exact precision that these murals require. These panels are quite unique and very beautiful! If you need a designer who will take a look at your space and design a place you can enjoy for years to come give Joan Brown and JB Decorating a call!

Joan Brown * JB Decorating and The Design Coach * 303-399-6208 * joancbrown@q.com

The last of three our speakers today was Linda Schaffer GL Specialties in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Linda Schafer is celebrating her 15th year in business this year.  Linda brought with her a new unique mouse pad that you can personalize with a photo that you can slide into a pocket on the side, it is a clever change to an everyday product. Linda works very hard to find products that when you give them to a client or potential client they won’t just throw it away. She recommends that when creating a piece not to put a date on it, this makes an item obsolete. Linda also thinks that if you are getting a product that lights up or uses batteries for another function make sure that the batteries are replaceable – so that when the batteries die that the person won’t throw it out. Linda are wanted us to know that what is new in the promotional product world is not always be right for you or anyone else and some of the worst products she has seen are imprinted sex toys. Linda works with only A rated suppliers that always stand behind their products and deliver on time. If you need a promotional product for a golf tournament, convention or special event give Linda Schaffer and GL Specialties a call and she will find the perfect piece for your event and business!

Linda Schaffer * GL Specialties * 303-456-9035 * glspecad@glspecialties.com * www.glspecialties.com