Our first speaker today was Suzanne Smith of Food for Thought Catering in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Suzanne talked to use today about the most used kitchen food, the egg. She had some helpful hints on how to cook you eggs to perfection. For the perfect boiled egg, use older eggs place them as a single layer in a sauce pan and add cold water until it covers them by 1 inch. Keeping the burner on a medium until it boils and remove from heat, for soft boiled eggs leave for 1-4 minutes and for hard boiled eggs leave for 15-17 minutes then run under cold water. When poaching eggs, use the freshest eggs and put eggs into lukewarm water slowing bring it to a slow boil remove and serve. Suzanne then shared some fun facts about eggs with us.

1)      10% of the world egg supply is produced in the United States.
2)      Hens lay the most egg between 7 and 11 am.
3)      There are 13 essential nutrients in one egg.
4)      One large egg has only 70 calories.
5)      There are 6 grams of protein in one egg.
6)      Each pleat in a chef’s hat represents each of the many ways you can cook an egg.
7)      The slogan “Incredible Edible Egg” has been around for more than 30 years.
8)      Eggs contain one of the highest quality proteins of any food.

So if you need a caterer that knows her way around the incredible edible egg and all other types of food give Suzanne Smith at Food for Thought Catering a call.
Suzanne Smith * Food for Thought Catering * 303-425-5442 * suzane.foodforthought@juno.com * www.foodforthoughtcaterers.com


Today’s second speaker was Edna Miklos from The Hair Place in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Edna has owned The Hair Place for over 25 years and has five hairdressers to take care of all of your hair care needs. All of her hairdressers take continuing education classes throughout the year to keep abreast of the changing styles and trends. Today Edna wanted to talk to us about our styling tools – blow dryers, curling irons, brushes and the basic uses of them to protect your hair. When it comes to our blow dryers, blow dryers come in a variety of several watts and power, they have a high and low air flow, although the air has one heat setting. If you have heavy thick hair you will need to purchase a dryer that has both of these settings. Remember that before blow drying your hair always towel dry prior but blot don’t rub your hair, then apply the product you most commonly use, ie. volumizer, mousse, straighten balm or thermal protectant. If you straightening your hair the brush you use is very important, using a paddle (flat) brush from the root and pull down straight along the side of your head – with the dryer nozzle right in line with the brush. When trying to create volume and curl use a round brush – preferably with a metal base, the metal base adds heat. You want to start close to the head and pull out and away from the head, the hair will tangle when wet and release as it dries. When drying out your hair make sure to section off your hair – sides, back and top. Drying section by section gives you better control and this also allows you to get the brush close to the scalp for better lift. Direct the end of the dryer on the brush and hair, drying with a downward motion. This will help smooth out the cuticle layer of the hair for more shine. Once your hair is dry you can move to curling or straightening. Curling irons come in a variety of different sizes, from ½ to 3 inches; a professional iron can be as large as 4”. They will usually come with a high and low setting, although a professional quality will have settings from 1 to 10. Edna likes these the best because you can adjust the heat for each hair type. When curling your own hair at home remember to turn your iron down to low before using on your hair – this will prevent damaging the cuticle. Also when curling or straightening your hair protect your hair with a thermal protectant, texturing cream or spray designed to get the best curl without burning the hair such as Redkin Spray Starch or Hot Sets. Once again when curling or straightening, section off your hair – remember that the size of your iron should match the size of each section (ie. ½ iron should be ½ sections). Wrap the hair starting at the scalp around the iron and don’t close the iron all the way, hold it for 5 sec. If you are using the right products you won’t hold the iron there for long. Curl each of these sections in a different direction so you won’t get a uniform look then separate the curls using a shine product like Redkin’s Vinyl Glam ot Tri’s Bright Lites. When using a straight iron start at the scalp and direct the hair straight down, this will smooth the hair for a bone straight look. Some straight irons have a wave attachment that will put a wave or crimp into the hair. This look can take a lot of time to get right and takes a lot of time. The final thing that Edna wanted to mention was your brushes – whether you use a round, flat, boar bristle or plastic – the type of brush depends on the look you are trying to achieve – flat for straight and round for volume. At The Hair Place they can help you with any type of styling or straightening and help you keep that style! Remember your hair is your most important accessory!
Edna Miklos * The Hair Place * 303-233-4764