At today’s lunch with Connect we had 3 speakers!  The first speaker was Dottie Johnson, a massage therapist out of Lakewood, Colorado who spoke about boosting your energy.  She says that there is no one right answer for everyone, but there are a few things that will apply to everyone.  Creating a complete healthy diet, getting plenty of excercise and plenty of rest.   Here are the steps she said to take:

1)  Complete Nutrition and Health

     Eat Whole Foods

     Don’t eat fast food

     Replace white floured foods with whole wheat floured foods

2)  Activity

     Do things that you like, not always forced

     Spend time outside and connect with nature

3)  Energize and Rejuvenate your mind

      Get plenty of rest and relaxation

      Spend time with animals

      Get a massage

      Listen to calming music

Her final piece of advice is to Love What is, Be Present, Be Mindful

Dottie Johnson

Certified Massage Therapist

Lakewood, Colorado




Out second speaker today was Ruthie Williams with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Her emphasis was on Body Care and how important it is!  She talked about how important it is to drink a lot of water and how it affects your skin keeping you younger.  Using lotion on a daily basis to keep skin soft and supple is also vital.  Mary Kay makes several differend kinds of lotion some with special affects for your skin. 


Ruthie Williams

Mary Kay



The third speaker at today’s lunch was Suzanne Smith with Food For Thought Catering.  As always Suzanne brought some goodies to share!  Today she brought a pastry filled with cream, strawberries and topped with chocolate;  it was delicious as everything she makes is!  Because of the holidays coming along and all of the cooking that people do her topic was on gravy and how to make the perfect homemade gravy.  

Suzanne Smith

Food For Thought Catering