Our first speaker today was Suzanne Smith, owner of Food for Thought Catering in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. For today’s talk she gave us the “What’s Your Comfort Food IQ?” test from The Food Network Magazine.
Question 1 – Which of these comfort foods does not have an emoji?
A) Hot Dog  B) Burrito  C) Pancakes  D) Potato Chips
Question 2 – What’s another name for chicken & dumplings?
A) Parchment chicken  B) Chicken & Slicks  C) Saucy chicken  D) Noodle bird
Question 3 – Why does lava cake have a gooey center?
A) Hot fudge is piped into it after baking  B) A center of chopped chocolate melts during baking  C) The cake is under baked so the middle is still runny  D) The center is made of pudding
Question 4 – Which of these pasta dishes doesn’t typically have milk or cream in it?
A) Carbonara  B) Alfredo  C) Penne ala vodka  D) Mac & Cheese
Question 5 – What meats are in the “meatloaf mixes” sold in supermarkets?
A) Beef & Veal  B) Pork & Veal  C) Beef (with dried herbs & spices)  D) Beef, Pork & Veal
Question 6 – Match the type of gravy to the food it is commonly served with.
• Redeye         • Sausage        • Cream        • Giblet
A) Ham  B) Chicken or Turkey  C) Biscuits  D) Chicken-fried Steak
Question 7 – Which combination of vegetables are you most likely to find in chicken pot pie?
A) Peas, potatoes & broccoli
B) Peas, carrots & onions
C) Corn & peas
D) Corn & red and green peppers
Question 8 – Chicken Fried Steak is typically made with:
A) Chicken  B) Beef  C) Pork  D) Veal
Question 9 – Which of these is not found in traditional Texas chili?
A) Beans  B) Tomatoes  C) Ground Beef  D) A, B & C
Question 10 – Why are grilled cheese sandwiches often served with tomato soup?
A) It’s a traditional pairing in England, where both were invented
B) School kids loved when the two were served together for school lunch in the 1950’s
C) New York City’s Waldorf Astoria hotel offered the duo in the 1940’s and started the sensation  D) During WW II, soldiers cobbled their food together from the ingredients in their meal rations
Question 11 – Which cut of beef is used to make pot roast?
A) Chuck  B) Sirloin  C) Tenderloin  D) Brisket
Question 12 – What is the name of the white sauce frequently used in mac & cheese, lasagna & gratins?
A) Velouté  B) Hollandaise  C) Consommé  D) Bechamel
Question 13 – Which of these classic pies is made with chocolate?
A) Hoosier  B) French Silk  C) Chess  D) Shoofly
Question 14 – Cincinnati chili is traditionally served over which starch?
A) Mashed Potatoes  B) Spaghetti  C) Rice  D) Cornbread
Question 15 – Which of these dishes is a casserole?
A) Chicken Tetrazzini  B) Beef stroganoff  C) Chicken Kiev  D) Steak Diane
True or False Questions:
Question 16 – Grits and polenta are the same.
Question 17 – When making biscuits you should melts the butter prior to adding it to the dough.
Question 18 – Spaghetti and meatballs originated in America.
Question 19 – Chowder is the same as bisque.
Question 20 – Traditional green bean casserole is made with cream of chicken soup.
I will have the answers at the end of this blog.
If you need a caterer for your next event that knows all the answers to your comfort food questions give Suzanne Smith and Food for Thought Catering a call.
Suzanne Smith * Food for Thought Catering * 303.425.5442 * Suzanne.foodforthought@gmail.com * www.foodforthoughtcaterers.com

The second speaker today was Joan Brown, owner of JB Decorating and the Design Coach in Denver, Colorado. Joan took her time today to show us her wide variety of experience in decorating many different styles.
The first example was an upholstery request from a client. The client had a chair that she loved the style but not the fabric. Joan worked with her to find the perfect fabric and had the chair recovered in a nice blue/gray that matched the décor in the client’s home.


Joan’s second example was another special request from a client, this client had a very boring white fireplace and wanted to use tiles that she had found on her travels. Joan worked with the client to come up with a pattern that looked great and find a field tile that worked with the special tiles without clashing. The final look is beautiful.





Another fireplace Joan worked on was in a ranch home out in eastern Colorado, the client was complaining that the bench seat was uncomfortable for sitting. The house is filled with leather and cowhides, so Joan created a cushion that fit the odd shape of the bench and matched the rest of the house with leather and conches. This is a very creative solution!



One client with an older home had been wanting a tin ceiling in their dining room and came to Joan for help. Joan found a source for the tin tiles and a contractor to install them. One of the main problems with older homes is that nothing is square and that turned out to be true with this ceiling, so Joan came up with crown molding to solve that issue and create a ceiling that looked spectacular.
Lastly, Joan wanted to let us know that size is never an issue – the last project she discussed was a tiny ugly bathroom that she turned into a show piece using white and decorative tile with a glass door to make the room seem bigger.
If you are looking for a designer to help you with that special place you call home, give Joan Brown and JB Decorating a call.
Joan Brown * JB Decorating & the Design Coach * 303.399.6208 * joancbrown@q.com

Here are the answers to the Comfort Food Quiz:
1. D  2. B  3. C  4. A  5. D  6. Redeye A – Sausage C – Cream D – Giblet B  7. B  8. C  9. D  10. B  11. A  12. D  13. B  14. B  15. A  16. F  17. F  18. T  19. F  20. F

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