Catering / Coffee Shop – Colorado

Today our first speaker was Suzanne Smith, owner of Food for Thought Catering in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Suzanne talked today about the new trends in catering for 2020. • The Mocktail – these are drinks designed to be flavorful drinks without alcohol and are becoming popular in some of the fanciest restaurants and bars around […]

Communications / Mortgage Lender – Colorado

Our first speaker today was Helen Masterson, owner of Masterson & Friends Communications in Arvada, Colorado. Helen’s talk today was a bout Daylight Saving Time – Daylight Saving Time once began on the first Sunday in April and ended on the last Saturday in October. Now it starts on Sunday March 8th and ends on […]

Catering / Financial Services – Colorado

Today’s first speaker was Suzanne Smith, owner of Food for Thought Catering in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Suzanne started catering in 1982 at her children’s elementary school and never looked back – she is in her 37th year of providing excellent catering services. Suzanne’s first topic today was about email marketing – she received an email […]

Printing – Colorado

Our only speaker today was Cindi Thordarson, part owner of EcoGraphics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Cindi began her talk showing us a few of the jobs that they have done recently. The first job was a family cookbook – that had all of the client’s mother’s recipes from her childhood, in a family with four […]

Promotional Products / Insurance Services – Colorado

The first speaker today was Linda Schafer, owner of GL Specialties in Golden, Colorado. Linda worked in the insurance industry for many years and found that she needed a career that allowed her more flexibility. After looking into many Promotional Product companies, she found Kaiser Blair – the only company that had a one-page contract […]

Stampin’ Up! / Massage Therapist – Colorado

Our first speaker today was Ruthie Williams, a demonstrator for Stampin’ Up! in Golden, Colorado. While Ruthie was speaking, she passed around cards that she had created, that are for sale. If you want to buy one, just hang onto it, fill out a tip sheet to me with number if cards and size. Regular […]

Mary Kay/Accounting & Tax – Colorado

The first speaker we had today was Ruthie Williams with Mary Kay Cosmetics in Golden, Colorado. Today Ruthie had the new Fall and Holiday products that she shared with us!  Mary Kay has many exciting NEW products plus an awesome NEW skin care line certified as “Natural” products.  The Skin Care line is called, Naturally.  […]