Our first speaker today was Kelly Baillie of LINCS Carpet Care in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Kelly wanted to talk today about why people DON’T get their carpets cleaned.
1. Carpet Cleaners are creepy. – Okay, Kelly gets it, we are kind of weird – but in a good way.
2. I have to take time off work. – Kelly tells us – that while the majority of their jobs are during the typical work week, they can accommodate a weekend schedule. Though the Ballie’s are busy with kids and the such – schedule early! She does recommend that you are home the first couple times they clean your carpets, for your comfort and well as theirs. They do have many clients that have us clean when they are not home and/or clean their vacation rentals or offices.
3. Carpet cleaning is expensive – anything can be expensive as you want it to be, like Starbucks versus an awesome local coffee shop like La Dolce Vita Coffee Shop, it doesn’t mean it’s better. Those expensive carpet cleaners don’t guarantee a non-creepy cleaner as well. Most carpet cleaning companies price by the total square footage of the space, regardless of the actual square foot cleaned. There are reasons that can support that calculation method; however at LINC’s, they factor the actual square footage that is being cleaned with an estimated time that it will take (cleaning, moving things around, if needed) to determine price.
4. I bought my own steam cleaner – that’s awesome! My husband bought me a cookbook for our anniversary, but it didn’t make me a chef. Also, those “steam” cleaners are not heating the water to the degree that the machines that a professional cleaner has.
5. The Google – Kelly loves YouTube videos as much as the next person. Remember she is the one that repaired her A/C unit in her 2001 Diesel Golf using YouTube. While she is proud of the job she did – it did not turn her into a master mechanic and there are still items of car repair that Kelly still does not feel comfortable taking on. YouTube can show you how to remove spots and spills, it does not deliver a gigantic carpet cleaning machine to your doorstep to do the work.
6. I have the worst and ugliest carpet ever – Not something to worry about – Kelly has seen and smelled the worst carpet out there and made if not beautiful at least clean!!
If you are looking to get your carpets cleaned and don’t want to invite a creepy stranger into your home – give Kelly a call and have LINC’s Carpet Care come in and make your carpet look beautiful again.
Kelly Baillie * LINC’s Carpet Care * 303.906.1987 * lincscarpetcare.com

Our second speaker today was Mary Walker of Walker Solutions in Arvada, Colorado. Mary continued her talk about our greatest gifts. When she last spoke, she had each of us write down on a card what we thought our greatest gifts were and give it back to her. She watched as we filled out the card and noticed that some filled the card out quickly, others seemed puzzled, 2 never responded, alarmingly several seemed embarrassed and most shocking several said, “I don’t have a gift”. This last answer most likely comes from cultural influence – like your bragging – or sometimes from family influence, some member of your family laughing or putting you down for using your gift.
There are gifts that we are born with and the gifts that we work to develop throughout our lives vary in form and function. Some we use daily and others only in specific circumstances. Take time to share these gifts with others, we often overlook those opportunities in our busy lives. There are times where the fear of criticism gets in the way of sharing our gifts. Often many of us doubt that innate gifts and practiced talents can truly add value to the lives of others.
Your personal power is defined in part by your gifts. We all need to explore our purpose and utilize those skills in a life affirming way and use our gifts to positively touch the lives of those around you while doing so. As you use and embrace your gifts, allowing that light to shine, you will discover that you will find more and more opportunities to make use of them. By simply doing what you are good at and love to do you will make a positive difference in the world. There is a satisfaction that you will feel when you are fulfilling your innate potential.
Mary proposes that embracing your gift – those self-proclaimed gifts – will bring joy, success and fulfillment back to you. These are the things that make you successful in business, whether or not they are directly related to what your business is. Mary once had someone tell her “I did not ask you for success, I asked you for wonder.”  and “Remember, that there is meaning beyond absurdity, know that every deed counts, that all words have power… above all remember that you must build your life as if it was a work of art.” By Abraham Herschel. She heard these at a Leadership course 20 year ago and after that conference she was promoted but the “I asked you for wonder” changed her life and her path and made her embrace her gifts. If you are looking for and business coach or human resource consult, give Mary Walker and Walker Solutions a call to help you find your gifts.
Mary Walker * Walker Solutions * 303.931.6784 * walker630@msn.com  * walkersolutionsinc.com