Today’s first speaker was Kelly Baillie of LINCS Carpet Care and Denver Disaster Solutions in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Kelly and her husband bought the carpet care company in 2002 and that is where the name comes from, the previous owner’s first name was Lincoln. Therefore the name Linc’s. Kelly never thought growing up that she would be the carpet cleaner, but a couple weeks ago they were out to dinner and a client came up and in talking to them she introduced them to her friends as “the carpet cleaner”, her friend was ‘like really?”. Yes, we are “the carpet cleaners” and now that friend is a new client! One never knows how you will build your client base, but never overlooked your current clients – they can be a wealth of referrals! Kelly wanted to remind us about LINCS Carpet Care’s Spot and Spill Insurance; after a cleaning and you have a spill they will come back and clean it up at no charge (not pet stains) and this service follows you to your friend’s house if you have an accident outside of your own home. They also offer their spot remover “Liquid LINCS” for spots that happen anytime. For those of us that need to do some spring cleaning keep LINCS Carpet Care in mind because their services are not limited to the indoors, they also clean outdoor cushions, car interiors and area rugs. Kelly also went over the interior items that they clean and it’s not just rugs anymore, LINCS Carpet care will also clean your wood floors, tile, indoor upholstery, oriental rugs and even braided rugs (with special testing).So they can help you with all of your spring cleaning needs! The other thing to take a look at with spring here is the spring time floods – things to watch out for are washer lines, sprinkler lines, water heaters and those water lines that lead to the outdoors. The other item to check is whether you are covered for flood and water intrusion through your insurance policy, especially with our unpredictable spring weather this year. We all need to be aware of what our policy limits are and what we are covered for, not all policies cover flooding. Denver Disaster Solutions can help you out when water issues crop up to make sure that all of the water is removed, the area is dry and the area is taken care of so you won’t have issues of mold later. So when looking into spring cleaning or flood restoration, give Kelly at LINCS Carpet Care and Denver Disaster Solutions a call – they can take care of all of your cleaning needs!

Kelly Baillie * LINCS Carpet Care/Denver Disaster Solutions * 303-456-4555 * *


Our second speaker was Joan Brown of JB Decorating and The Design Coach in Denver, Colorado. Joan has been decorating homes around Colorado since 1986 when she retired from teaching. Joan wanted to do a show n’ tell for us today about the Hunter Douglas line of blinds, window shades and shutters. Joan has been working with Hunter Douglas for many years and loves their commitment and the quality of the product. The Hunter Douglas lines of shades and shutters have been the leader in innovation and have a lifetime guarantee on any product. Since the beginning of the green movement Hunter Douglas has been committed to innovate and reduce not only their carbon footprint but yours as well. With the insulation innovations in their blinds it allows the shades to harness the sunlight or block it out to reduce the need to heat and cool your home. Hunter Douglas started Green Guard within their company to reduce their carbon footprint with their factories all in the United States and a couple in Canada; they started a facility-directed Environmental Sustainability effort. Starting this program show the Hunter Douglas commitment to implementing best “green” practices within the company to maximize energy efficiency, waste reduction and ultimately reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Hunter Douglas had an Environmental Baseline Assessment Audit and have implemented an aggressive plan to reduce their energy consumption by 15%, water usage by 40%, and overall carbon emissions by 20% in three years. Along with their green initiative the Hunter Douglas line of shades and shutters have some many options to create windows that express you good taste and enhance your living space. They will add privacy and light to your space with the style and color of your choice. They offer a wide variety of colors and shapes with energy efficiency and UV protection to protect your carpets. The last thing Joan wanted to discuss with us before the show and tell section of her talk was the operation methods offered with Hunter Douglas – the leading company with risers, the have the standard cords available, however they also offer the Light Rise, which is cordless and you just push up for child safety. Hunter Douglas also offers a motorized unit with remote controls and a cord loop so you won’t have cords hanging where kids and animals can get caught up in them. Joan showed off all of the various shade designs that Hunter Douglas offers. They include the Silouette – these have soft fabric vanes suspended between sheers to diffuse the light, the Nantucket – soft window shadings and a value product, the Luminette – vertical vanes between sheers and are perfect for large windows and sliding glass doors, next was the Pirouette – a horizontal shade with fabric vanes that expand to filter natural light, the Duette Architella Honeycomb Shade – just as the name implies they are honeycomb shaped and is their most energy efficient product, the Vignette – their version of the modern of the Roman shade that rises into it’s own cassette head rail for a very tailored look, and a line of designer screen shades to complete your look. Lastly, Joan wanted to cover the wood product lines offered through Hunter Douglas that include the Provenance Woven Wood Shades – these products offer a natural look with finishes of natural woods, reed, bamboo and grasses, the Skyline Gliding Wood Panels – with 6” or 12” wood slats these are perfect for large windows or doors, the Parklane Wood Blinds – these have four slat sizes for the perfect look and the TopShield finishing, and lastly the Hunter Douglas Shutters – which has 3 varieties – the Heritage – made from solid hardwood and the most expensive, the Newstyle Hybrid – a combination of wood and vinyl and comes in white tones only, and the least expensive Palm Beach Polysatin – a full vinyl shutter, comes in 5 shades of white and is the least expensive. If you need a designer that can bring your style to life and knows how to pull all the elements together including the window coverings give Joan Brown from JB Decorating a call and let her pull your space together!!

Joan Brown * JB Decorating and The Design Coach * 303-399-6208 *