The first speaker today was Kelly Baillie from LINCS Carpet Care in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Kelly told us that studies have shown that having your carpet cleaned is slightly less desirable than going to the dentist.
Ok, technically, that isn’t true because the study she referred to was a study she did herself. However, if she hadn’t disclosed the source of her study, you might go out and spread this fascinating, yet likely false bit of information. It is important to know the Who, What, When and Why, as it relates to any study. Kelly, then gave each one of a penny and asked, “What does a penny have to do with carpet cleaning?”
Well, carpet cleaning is expensive – and if carpet cleaning is so expensive, why in the world did Kelly bring pennies? She figured that we needed to save every penny in order to afford carpet cleaning, or perhaps, she gave us the penny because it symbolizes – you get what you pay for.
The penny could also be a reminder that everything has value, even something that seems small and insignificant (even the ones on the ground tail side up). Like the penny, the material used to make your carpet can affect how it wears over time, the type of use and how it is cared for will affect its appearance.
LINCS Carpet Care has invested in fantastic equipment but that is only part of the cleaning process. They rarely have a conversation about the horsepower of their equipment (unless you get Brian of on a tangent, of ‘course). Any company out there can save up or get a loan to buy the piece of equipment.
The LINCS Carpet Care difference is beyond just doing a great job cleaning carpet. They certainly go a great job with that, but they are also honest with their clients about stains versus spots and wear versus dirt.
The LINCS Carpet Care difference is more than actually answering the phone when you call. Kelly knows this will be a shocker, people will call, and most times have questions that a scheduler in an office, in another state or country, cannot answer.
LINCS Carpet Care is different because they value the trust that their client’s put in them. Just take moment and picture the last time you were at a friend’s house. You were greeted at the door and exchanged a hilarious story or two and then they whisked you off to their kid’s room to hang out or play cards. Maybe you need to use the bathroom and your friend insists you use the one in their master bedroom. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. Why? Well, because we all have piles of junk that we are frantically putting away before you ring the doorbell. In fact, there is often a closet door that is slightly ajar from something getting shoved inside, just as you drove up!
At LINC’s, they want you to value them as much as they value you!
If you are looking for a company to clean your carpets that you can trust and will clean the corners not cut them – give Kelly Baillie and LINCS Carpet Care a call!
Kelly Baillie * LINCS Carpet Care * 303.906.1987 *

Our second speaker today was Ginger Kaiser of Willows Floral in Golden, Colorado. Ginger always like to talk about indoor plants in the winter – when everything outside looks brown and dry. This is a good time to bring some greenery into your home. The popularity of indoor plants has increase by 200% in the last year. If you look at women’s and interior design magazines, they all show indoor plants being used as décor. Ginger goes onto say that green plants have never really been out of style, however, in the past plants were not shown as part of the décor in design magazines like they are now. Reasons to have indoor plants:
* They give a welcoming feeling.
* Plants add texture and movement to a space.
* Plants clean the air in your home.
Ginger explained that plants can remove 87% of the pollutants or fumes that can trigger asthma and allergies. NASA states that the Peace Lily is one of the best plants to clean your air, as they are known for removing benzene and formaldehyde from indoor air. The Peace Lily got its’ name from the blooms, which are large and white, resembling  a surrender flag.
Your home does not have to be a jungle, but by adding just a couple plants, like a large floor plant in a corner will make your home feel more inviting. Ginger brought in a wide variety of house plants today for sale that she picked up at her wholesaler. All the plants that Ginger brought are easy care, hardy and not susceptible to insects or fungus like some varieties.
Ginger had couple of tips for us to introduce a new plant into your home and the first is – when bringing a new plant into your home always read the care instructions and follow them. Secondly, do not repot a new plant immediately, they need time to adjust to your homes temperature, humidity and light, give a plant a month before repotting and if the plant is a blooming plant wait until all the blooms have fallen off prior to repotting. Gingers last comment today about plants that are scraggily and look unhealthy – this is a good time to throw them out. If you have ever walked into a home or office with a bunch of dying plants – it gives a bad impression and can make people feel down and in the dumps.
If you need to freshen up the plants in your home or are looking for that perfect bouquet, give Ginger Kaiser at Willows Floral a call – she will work with you to find the best bouquet or plant for your home.
Ginger Kaiser * Willows Floral * 303-989-6446