The first speaker today was Kelly Ballie, owner of LINCS Carpet Care in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. First today Kelly updated us on her family activities. Then went on to talk about LINC Carpet Care and Restoration, you will not find them advertising on Groupon, Living Social, or even in the weekly advertisements with a “great deal”. The reason for this is that they prefer word of mouth marketing and personal referrals to offering a low price just to get in the door. LINCS Carpet Care prides themselves on taking care of their existing cliental. By continuing to take care of these clients they have gained many new clients through referrals, they do an excellent job and their clients know that. There is not a huge price difference between those “great deals” and the “real price” in carpet cleaning. Kelly reminds us to be mindful of those businesses that offer a great deal whether it be through social media or mailers. They may be a good company, but you don’t know who they are and what products they will be using. Remember you are allowing these people into your home and into your personal space, it is better to have someone referred to you through a reliable source or friend, rather than getting them on social media or a coupon.
If you are looking for a carpet cleaning that doesn’t cut corners ~ they clean them, contact Kelly Baillie and LINCS Carpet Cleaning and Restoration.
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Our second speaker today was Ginger Kaiser, owner of Willows Floral in Golden, Colorado. Today Ginger spoke to us about the care of our cut roses.
Ginger loves roses because they have classic beauty. She doesn’t get to work with them as much as she would like, as using them in everyday orders is too expensive. Ginger cannot buy them in bulk like the large floral or grocery chains can, and there is obviously a better price when buying the bigger lots.
When buying for a wedding, special occasions or funerals, Ginger can get a good deal. Roses are sold in bunches of 25, so the customer gets a lot of bang for their dollar.
When you buy roses, make sure they are not pre-arranged in a vase – always buy loose. When Ginger buys roses she can only see the top layer of roses, because they are tightly wrapped with cardboard. When you buy them, first look at the top of the roses and in-between them to make sure there are no brown petals – this is a good indication of mold. If possible, gently squeeze the bloom. The blooms should be firm but not so tight that it will open. This is called the bullet. If the blooms are very soft – they will likely not last very long. Just the outer one or two petals should be loose, if to many are loose, they will also be short lived.
Ginger tries to get roses that have a high petal count, so they will open up like a large garden rose. This is hard to do at places like Costco or the grocery store. Ginger has an in at the suppliers – as they will tell her which roses are the best.
How many thorns a rose has depends on the variety. The best way to dull the thorns and remove the unwanted foliage, is to take a towel and run it gently down the stem. This will not remove the thorns but will dull them and you won’t get the sharp pricked. If you try to remove them with a floral knife, you risk damaging the stem which will shorten the life of the rose.
Some florists recommend cutting loose roses under water to prevent air getting into the stem and sealing the flowers veins. Rose stems close up in under a minute and will not drink water after that.
Remember to remove the outer petal or two, these are guard petals and protect the rose. Another trick is that if you receive roses that wilt upon receipt, recut the stems and submerge the entire flower in a bathtub with slightly warm water for 20 minutes to an hour. This should open up the floral veins and perk up the roses. Some immature roses, that get cut to tight, may never be revived.
Ginger’s last reminder goes for all cut flowers – do not place them in a drafty place or direct sun, the best place is a cool room with indirect light.
If you are looking for a local florist who creates wonderful arrangements and knows which flowers will brighten your day, give Ginger Kaiser and Willows Floral a call!
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